Medical Record Review

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Our Expertise of Medical Record Review

Medical Record Review


We are experts in Medical Record Review and case screening of Product liability cases like PPI’s, Transvaginal Mesh, Essure, Knee/Hip Implants, IVC Filter & Stents, etc. We deliver tailored medical chart review for law firms to win their cases.

Medical Record Review

Personal Injury

Our Expertise in Medical Record Review for Personal Injury cases includes Medical Chronology, Deposition Summary, Narrative Summary, Demand Letter, Medical Bill Analysis, etc.

Medical Record Review

Medical Malpractice

Our dedicated team of MDs & Legal Nurse Consultants are experts in reviewing Medical Charts for Medical Malpractice cases. We provide tailored solutions to fetch key elements from medical chart.

Medical Record Review

Life Insurance Support

We provide well-organized medical chronologies. Our APS Summarization process reducing significant time & cost in Life insurance Underwriting, Disability & Worker’s compensation claims.

Medical Record Summaries


Trust Our Team of Experts to streamline your medical record review

medical chart review for mass tort



Well-organized and tailored summaries.

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medical chart review for mass tort



Digest of the key points of deposition transcript.

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medical chart review for mass tort



Narrating the medical events from medical records.

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medical chart review for mass tort



Detailing with strongest arguments.

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Our medical record review services are Precise, Cost-effective, Time saving. Request a FREE-TRAIL now.

Medical Record Review Services for Law Firms

The review and analysis of physician chart review is a very vital part of any personal injury or medical malpractice case. Personal injury attorneys, paralegals, medical-legal consultants, independent medical examiners, qualified medical evaluators, & legal nurse reviewers should analyze medical records to understand the facts, causation, and the losses during the time of litigation.

Analyzing and understanding the facts from the medical records is a time-consuming process for the people who are not proficient in medical terminologies. We at LezDo techmed, carry a team of experts consist of medical chart review nurse, legal nurse consultant, physicians, data analysts, and case Managers to offer medical legal review solution & medical chart review for law firms.

Our Add-on Services

medical record review for medical malpractice

Treatment Timeline

Get a graphical representation of a chronological sequence of medical events.

medical record review for medical malpractice


Get a bookmarked Medical Records to fetch the facts whenever you want.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Missing Record Identification

Worry not about missing medical records, we identify the missed ones for you.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Hotlinks or Hyperlinks

Navigate between the summary and Medical Records in just a click.

medical record review for medical malpractice

PDF Sorting or Indexing

No more confusion with shuffled pages, we are sorting and indexing your records.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Pain and Suffering Chart

Grab the interactive chart to best describe the pain, sufferings, and damages.

What You Get

Tailored Medical Record Review for Attorneys

As a leading medical record review company, we ensure innovative medical summaries & medical legal reviews for law firms. Medical record review for attorneys entails every bit of vital information from a patient’s chart. Our medical record summaries highlight the important findings that need to fetch attention for further review and analysis.

Types of medical records review report:

Whom we serve:

We serve,

  • Attorneys
  • Law Firms
  • Paralegals
  • Medical-legal consultants
  • Independent Medical Examiners
  • Qualified Medical Evaluators
  • Legal Nurse Consultants
  • Insurance Firms
  • Insurance Brokerages

Our Pricing

Features of our Medical Record Review 

Quality A Priority

A never compromised quality made our medical chart review for law firms highlighted best among the Medical Record Review Companies. Our team of experts are highly trained to deliver the most accurate and precise Medical Legal Summaries. Our legal nurse consultant reviews help attorneys across USA. Physician chart review is best filtered with the know-how of the sophisticated human technology as the preparation for medical record review.

Expert MDs & Legal Nurses

Our experienced Legal Nurses and Doctors review medical records for attorneys. They are experts in clinical settings as well as in Medical-Legal Summaries. Our legal nurse consultant reviews simplify the riddles in the physician chart reviews. Medical Record Review by our experts will provide you a snapshot of your cases and will give you a strategy to win. LezDo offers well-organized & precise Medical Records Summary Services and medical record review for law firms.

Secured & Trusted

Electronic medical records and medical record review for law firms are processed through secured data networks of LezDo techmed. We also have VPN tunnels to retrieve your medical records. This way your data never leaves your office but work done on time. The HIPAA & ISO standard work environment at LezDo techmed ensures your data safe and secured. Our security policies enhance our trustful relationship with every single Attorneys we serve.

Milestones We Crossed So Far

Some real facts in numbers


Files Reviewed


3.5 Million

Pages Reviewed


Years in Service




What are the benefits of outsourcing medical records review services to you?

Saving time and cost.

Expert team with assured quality.

The attorney can focus on the non-medical perspective of the case.

Area of Interest

What are the focused legal areas you serve with Medical Records Review?

We do assist personal injury attorneys, Medical Malpractice attorneys, Product liability attorneys, QME, IME doctors in reviewing medical charts and summarizing medical records.

What are the types of cases in personal injury you could work on?

We can work on injury cases like Motor Vehicle Accident, Wrongful Death, Workplace Accident, Premises Liability, Slip and Fall, Dog Bites, Assault, Spinal and neuro injuries, Pedestrian Accidents, Building Collapse, etc.


Our Clients

Will LezDo techmed disclose its client details to the general public?

As per our strict privacy policy, LezDo techmed will never share our client details to any third party or anyone in the general public. All the demographic info, financial info, business info of our valued clients is protected and secured.

Why Us

What is the experience of your review team?

Our legal nurse consultants and MDs have come across tons of medical records over their careers. They have clinical as well as medical record reviewing experience in providing medical legal review solution. Hence their knowledge base is strong enough to handle any specialties of medicine and to correlate with any type of medical-legal issues.

Can you work with our case management system?

Offering high-class medical chart review for law firms, we are well-capable to work on the case management systems like Trial Works or Needles. We can also work on litigation management suites like CaseMap by Lexis Nexis.

What is the Quality Assurance you can provide?

We always in-line with maintaining good quality. NO charges if unsatisfied with our quality.

Data Privacy

What are the security policies LezDo techmed compliant with?

As we process protected health information, we are strictly compliant with HIPAA & ISO standards. Each member of our team is trained with best practices of data privacy and is signed by NDA & BPA. Our data centers and work premises are well-equipped with high-end surveillance and security systems. Read our privacy policy to know more.

Our Work Flow

What is your flow of process in Medical chart Review?

  1. Client uploads record on our secure server.
  2. We initially screening the records for missing documents, mismatch of information, etc.
  3. We process the records as per client requirement.
  4. A Quality audits will be done by our experienced panel of Quality Auditors.
  5. Completed cases will be uploaded back to the secured server for the client’s perusal.
  6. Continued follow up & clarifications.

What is the general turnaround time to prepare medical summaries for law firms?

Generally, we deliver the summaries within 48 hours for pages less than 1000 pages. Besides this page range, our team will communicate the expected delivery date. Still, our maximum guaranteed turnaround time would be 7-10 business days.


What is your typical fee for Medical chart review?

Our pricing model is to collect the fee based on the billable working hours. Our pricing starts as low as $25.00 per hour for the standard summaries and physician chart reviews.

Any add-on services or special reports in addition to the standard summary will extend the billable hours. In all means, the estimated billable hours will be communicated to you before commencing the process.

Do you offer expedited service?

Yes! We offer expedited service for express delivery at the additional price tag of 20% to the base cost.

How will you work on additional medical records?

Yes! We work on additional medical records as the case progresses and the patient still undergoes treatment with the healthcare provider. We charge only for the fresh additional records we summarize. No additional cost will be charged from you for the records already done by us.


What is your standard billing cycle?

We invoice for our recurring customers on a monthly basis. Non frequent customers will be billed soon after the delivery of summaries.

FREE Trial

Do you offer FREE Trial?

Yes. We offer FREE trial for the First case (capped at 500 pages).

What Our Customers Say About Us

Appreciations from the hearts with satisfaction 

Neurosurgery QME

Neurosurgery QME


“Your attention to detail is very much appreciated and is vital for these projects. This is the reason why we want to continue using your services.”

Injury Law Firm

Injury Law Firm

New York

“Joman & team are more efficient in completing the tasks and I would say they are just super-fast. Same time, they will not miss even a bit of info”

Life Insurance BGA

Life Insurance BGA


“Medical summaries and synopsis by LezDo techmed made our underwriting process very simple. We just reduced our cost to 40 percent.”

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