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Nursing home abuse happens when long-term care facility residents are harmed by caregivers. Abuse in nursing homes may include both intentional and unintended harm. It can cause trauma, medical crises, and even death. Nursing home abuse law holds long-term care facility accountable for abuse if it provides inadequate care, fails to screen personnel, fails to supervise employees, or fails to maintain the premises properly.

Nursing home abuse lawyers have to review voluminous medical records to analyze the nursing home abuse and injury. Outsourcing the medical records for review may be the most feasible and efficient solution. Nursing home expert attorneys will employ resources such as witnesses, video surveillance footage, private investigators, and nursing home expert witnesses in addition to medical data to prove nursing home abuse/negligence.

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LezDo TechMed’s Workmanship on Nursing Home Abuse and Injury

Negligence or a violation of a duty of care is the foundation of all types of nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse attorneys will require the testimony of experts to show the court the breach of duty in nursing home negligence cases. Our reviews will help the experts to form their opinions.

As the best medical record review service USA, LezDo reviews the medical records of the patient before and after admission to a nursing home to dig out evidence to show the extent of the negligence and nursing home injury. The evidence that can be inferred from the medical records may include causes of injuries or fractures from falls, pressure sores, lack of care and supervision, physical abuse, or emotional abuse.

As an expert medical record review team, we check all the nooks and corners of the records to ensure no vital data is missed. We identify the missing records or contradictory facts in the medical charts diligently. Lawyers for nursing home neglect will find it easy to detect the causation of nursing home injuries.

Barriers in Proving Care Home Injury Claims

Proving that the nursing home injury of the elderly or disabled occurred in the facility to the court is difficult as their health is in a deteriorating condition. The injured will not be in a condition to testify to the cause of the injury. The erring care facilities will not document their negligence or the injury caused by their negligence.

Being one the most sought-after medical record review services USA, LezDo will surf through the prior and after medical records of the nursing home admission thoroughly to assist the nursing home injury attorneys in getting nursing home lawsuit settlements. LezDo will analyze the merits and demerits of the claim to aid the nursing home abuse lawyer in taking the lawsuit forward.

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Do you have any medical records to be reviewed urgently? We will do the nursing home medical records review for attorneys for nursing home abuse in 3 to 5 business days. Nursing home accident attorneys can thus avoid the lag in the legal process.

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Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical abuse

Emotional abuse

Financial abuse

Sexual abuse