Partner with us: Unlock New Income Stream

Join forces with LezDo TechMed and unlock the door to unparalleled growth and success. Our Sales Channel Partner Program is designed for dynamic professionals who are deeply embedded in the Sales, Life Insurance, MedLegal or Personal Injury sectors.

With LezDo, you gain more than a partnership; you access a pathway to enhancing your service offerings, elevating your market position, and generating sustained recurring revenue through our proven, collaborative model.


Why Partner with LezDo TechMed?

From recurring revenue to unparalleled support, LezDo elevates your journey to new heights. Let’s create success stories, together.

Unlock Revenue Potential

Partner with us and tap into a lucrative revenue-sharing model. Your success is directly rewarded, with a steady stream of income from the clients you onboard.

Boosted Benefits

Partnering with LezDo, not only fetches you revenue. You can also bag special discounts on your record reviews, including priority support and more.

Zero Investment

No investment, no hidden charges! Step into LezDo’s partnership program just by helping your colleagues experience our prime services.

Access to Cutting-Edge Tools

Gain exclusive access to our CRM platform and proprietary CaseDrive: Monitor your success, track client progress, and streamline your operations.

Expand Your Offerings

Enhance your portfolio with our bespoke medical record review and chronology services. Stand out by offering comprehensive, high-demand services that add value to your clients.

Build on Trust

Align with a leader in medical document management. Our reputation for excellence and commitment to quality services will bolster your credibility in the market.

Flexible Partnership

Our program is designed to fit a variety of business models, offering flexibility to work in a way that suits you best. We are committed to mutual growth, adapting to your needs and feedback.

Join a Growing Network

Be a part of an expanding community of channel partners: Share insights, learn from success stories, and grow your network within the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LezDo TechMed Sales Channel Partner Program?

The Sales Channel Partner Program is designed for individuals or companies in the Legal, Life Insurance, or Personal Injury sectors looking to expand their offerings with our Medical Record Review and Chronology services. Partners introduce our services to their network, and in return, benefit from a lucrative revenue-sharing model.

Who can become a Sales Channel Partner?

We welcome partners from a variety of backgrounds, including legal consultants, personal injury law firm managers, life insurance agents and brokers, and health information management professionals who have a strong network and are interested in offering additional value to their clients.

How does the revenue-sharing model work?

Our revenue-sharing model is structured to provide ongoing commissions based on the revenue generated from the clients you onboard.

Do I need specific qualifications to become a partner?

While specific qualifications are not mandatory, having a background in the Sales of legal, insurance, or healthcare sectors and a strong network of potential clients is highly beneficial. Familiarity with medical record review and chronology services is also advantageous.

What support does LezDo TechMed offer to its partners?

Our partners receive comprehensive support, including access to our CaseDrive platform, marketing materials, sales training, and a dedicated account manager to assist with any questions or needs.

How do I track the business I bring in?

All partners are given access to CaseDrive with Partner Login, where you can track your leads, their progress, and the revenue generated, all in real-time.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn through the partnership?

There is no cap on earnings. The more successful client engagements you facilitate, the more you earn. Our model is designed to encourage and reward your growth efforts.

How do I sign up for the program?

You can sign up through our website by filling out a brief application form. Once submitted, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

Can international companies become Sales Channel Partners?

Yes, we welcome international partners from UK & Canada who can cater to the legal and insurance sectors in their regions. However, please note that service availability and requirements may vary based on location.

What happens if I have a potential client who is interested in services not listed on your website?

We are always looking to tailor our services to meet client needs. If you have a potential client with specific requirements, please discuss this with your account manager. We are committed to providing flexible solutions to satisfy our clients and partners.

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