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What is workers’ compensation? Workers’ compensation insurance claim provides financial payments and/or medical care to employees who are injured or become ill on the job. A patient’s medical records are critical evidence that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will check while examining a disability and workers’ compensation claim. Social Security Disability (SSD) firms will assist eligible beneficiaries in filing disability claim applications, presenting the appropriate medical proof, receiving and maintaining workers’ compensation benefits, and appealing a denial if necessary.

If the employer or insurance company agrees that the accident or sickness is work-related, the workers’ compensation settlement claim is reimbursed. If they dispute the claim, no cash benefits are issued until a workers’ compensation law judge rules on who is right. However, any payments paid under the Disability Insurance Programs will be deducted from future workers’ compensation claims.

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LezDo TechMed’s Proficiency in Disability & Workers Comp Cases

Only a detailed medical record analysis by professionals can identify the relevant documents from the massive medical records. LezDo TechMed can provide quick medical chart analysis for SSD firms and disability attorneys in providing the relevant medical records to Social Security as proof of their client’s disability. LezDo will also assist workers’ compensation lawyers in supporting their clients in obtaining workers’ compensation claims.

We record elements of evidence as a skilled medical record analyst team to show that the claimant has a medically definable disability, to demonstrate that their disability meets one of the listings, to establish a link between their symptoms and functional limitations, and to demonstrate their medical history to get disability claims or workers’ compensation settlements.

Workers’ compensation lawyers can take advantage of medical record review for attorneys, a beneficial service offered by a specialized medical record review company like us, to make sure that all pertinent medical records are carefully reviewed, and important medical data is extracted on which the attorney can base the worker’s compensation claim.

How our Medical Record Review Works

After collecting all the workers’ compensation-related medical records, we analyze and ensure that all the records are relevant and support the disability claim. The medical records are organized and indexed systematically. We draft the medical chronology with all the necessary details and compile the evidence of disabilities in a record review.

As the best medical record rdeview services USA, we identify the missing records, incomplete records, and duplicates to help the workers compensation attorneys retrieve the missing records. After preparing the medical record reviews and treatment timeline, the final report will be sent electronically to the worker’s compensation lawyers or insurance firms.

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Holidays will not halt your medical record analysis for disability and worker’s compensation. Our experts work incessantly to quicken the medical record review process and affirm on-time delivery to aid worker’s compensation attorneys.

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Common Types of Worker’s Comp Claims

Medical care only

Temporary disability

Permanent disability

Supplemental job displacement

Death benefits