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What is product liability? Product liability lawsuits hold the manufacturer or seller of a product responsible for releasing a defective product into the marketplace and causing damage. A defendant is liable when the plaintiff proves that the product is defective, despite the defendant’s intent. Legal action can be filed against the manufacturers, distributors, and/or retailers of a product that hurt them due to a design, manufacturing, or marketing flaw.

A product liability lawyer has to prove the four elements of product liability – the defendant has a duty, the product is defective, the plaintiff acquired injuries, and the injury is caused by the defective product. He can prove the defendant’s liability using the medical evidence obtained from the medical records.

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LezDo TechMed’s Competency on Product Liability

The plaintiff’s medical records would prove if he/she was hurt or had any permanent or temporary disability, the preset treatments, and the future care needed. As a skilled medical record review service, LezDo can identify not only the cause of the injury but also the medical bills incurred from the injury. Our medical bill analysis can aid the Jury and the product liability insurance providers in determining the right compensation.

LezDo can locate difficult-to-find and complex evidence in a product liability case like a walk in the park. We dig out the strengths and weaknesses of the case so that product liability lawyers can frame an appropriate strategy to take forward the product liability cases.

To get the product liability lawsuit settlements, the lawyers for product liability should follow the product liability statute of limitations. As a leading medical record review services USA, LezDo will do the record reviews on time to assist the lawyers for product liability to do the needful with the statutes.

Obstacles in Product Liability Cases

Proving that the product was defective and caused damages even after using it as intended, proving the product liability damages, retaining the evidence, and identifying the supplier are some of the obstacles to winning product liability settlement amounts. Proving that the manufacturer has maliciously caused injury to the victim to get the punitive damages too is difficult.

LezDo will tackle the medical records of the product liability lawsuits efficiently to prove by digging out the evidence of injury from them. Our analysis of the medical records for product liability medical record review will prove the relation between the defective product and the injuries.

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Our team of physicians, legal nurses, data analysts, information technology specialists, managers with vast health care sector experience, and an experienced leadership team chisel medical record reviews for your defective product lawsuits.

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We render our services to product liability attorneys, paralegals, legal nurse consultants, product liability law firms, insurance companies, QMEs, IMEs, and expert witnesses. We shoulder their troublesome reviews to make their work a cinch.

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Bestow your trust in us, and we assure you of complete solutions to your strict liability product cases. We satisfy you by reaching your specific targets in specific time frames. A friendly bond with our clients makes them stick to us forever.

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Product Liability Cases Examples

Manufacturing defect

Design defect

Failure to warn


Defective processing

Use of toxic ingredients