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Customer-Centric Technical Services

Attractive technical services to enhance your review

LezDo’s medical chronology reports are accurate and precise, offering crucial data in a readily recognizable way. Our special technical services aid you in easily navigating through the delivered medical record reviews. Exclusive services like bookmarking, hyperlinking, and sorting & indexing  would assist you in using our medical record review reports in a better way.

How LezDo’s Technical Services Boost Review Precision?

LezDo’s technical services are carefully designed to escalate the quality and precision of our record review services, improving the overall experience of our clients. By integrating add on services with our tailored case management solutions, we ensure a thorough and efficient review process. The comprehensive suite of add-on services that we offer, not only streamline workflow efficiency but also provide valuable insights and support to clients throughout their legal proceedings.

Hyperlinks & Hotlinks

We merge the original medical records and the final summary into a single PDF document. This allows the reader to access both summary and medical records simultaneously just by clicking link.

We provide these options for hyperlink 

  • Pages or Bates
  • Date of service
  • Report titles
  • Custom portions

Why are our add-on services special?

Our add-ons are specially made to make your work digital-friendly and easy to navigate in times of need. With add-ons, you get more clarity in our medical record reviews.



A bookmark is a PDF navigation tool that allows you to instantly jump to the page or portion of medical records in a click. With this, a point of focus in the medical records can be tagged for easy viewing.

We Provide

  • Chronological Bookmark
  • Provider Wise Bookmark
  • Brief Summary Bookmark
  • Record Type Bookmark

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Sorting & Indexing

Our PDF sorting and indexing process involves rearranging shuffled pages of clusters of medical records in a sorted and organized manner. We deliver indexed and bates-stamped received medical records, and a detailed hyperlinked index is produced into a PDF file.

We Deliver

  • Chronological Sorting & Indexing
  • Provider Wise Sorting & Indexing
  • Record Type Sorting & Indexing

We also provide customized sorting & indexing as per the client’s requirements.


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Our add-ons aren’t just extras, they are crucial components that enrich our reviews and enhance your case focus. With add-on services, we strengthen your case’s narrative.

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