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Medical chronology reports that are accurate and succinct are created professionally and unbiasedly, offering all the data in a readily recognizable way. However, incorporating the add-on services when producing the medical record summary and chronology can aid you in easily winning your complicated litigation. Our medical record review services USA proffers add-on services like bookmarking, hyperlinking, and sorting & indexing with our expert medical record review reports. This would assist you in steering the case proceedings to have a smooth sail until the verdict.

Original medical records and the final summary are merged into a single PDF document thereby allowing reader to access both summary and medical records simultaneously just by clicking link.

  • Pages or Bates
  • Date of service
  • Report titles
  • Custom portions
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Why are our add-on services special?

Our add-ons are specially made to make your work digital-friendly and easy to navigate in times of need. With add-ons, you get more icing on the cake in addition to our high-quality medical record reviews.



A Bookmark is a PDF navigation tool. It allows you to instantly jump to the page or portion of medical records by clicking on the bookmark. A point of focus in the medical records can be tagged for easy viewing experience.

We Provide

  • Chronological Bookmark
  • Provider Wise Bookmark
  • Brief Summary Bookmark
  • Record Type Bookmark

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Sorting & Indexing

Our PDF sorting and indexing process involve rearranging shuffled pages of clusters of medical records in a sorted and organized manner. A variety of methods can rearrange medical record PDFs. We deliver indexed and bates-stamped received medical records, and a detailed hyperlinked index is produced into a PDF file.

We Deliver

  • Chronological Sorting & Indexing
  • Provider Wise Sorting & Indexing
  • Record Type Sorting & Indexing

We also provide customized sorting & indexing as per client interest or requirements.


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Our medico-legal team adds layers of detail to your case, enriching the review process. Our add-ons aren’t just extras, they are crucial components that enhance your case focus. Witness how our add-on services illuminate subtle nuances and strengthen your case’s narrative. Add more value to your medical record reviews with LezDo’s add-on services.

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