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Narrative Summary for Evidence-Based Decision

Summarizing the data in medical records is crucial in deciding the outcome of personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits. Perusing the vast medical data from extensive medical records is not always feasible for attorneys. Drafting a concise summary of medical events is the only practicable solution to save legal professionals from this hardship.

Medical narrative summary is a significant service offered in the personal injury medical record review process. LezDo TechMed has vast expertise in handling record reviews for diverse personal injury cases for medical and legal professionals.

What is a Medical Narrative Summary?

A narrative summary of medical records includes all the medical data pertaining to the patient’s injuries or illnesses. It also includes the treatment plans executed to ensure recovery in a compact format.

A narrative medical summary gives the concise essentials of the patient. This includes the demographic data, injuries or illnesses of the past and present, diagnosis, treatments provided and the prognosis.

This narrative is mainly presented in a chronological format. It helps attorneys or insurance firms to grasp the severity of impact, the progress throughout, and the outcome of the treatment.

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LezDo’s Expertise

With an expert team of medical professionals from medical expertise, we serve all types of injury claims. Get our expert case summaries to win claims including:

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Personal Injury

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Product Liability

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Medical Malpractice

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Disability & Workers Compensation

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Mass Tort

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Nursing Home Injury & Abuse

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Features of Our Narrative Medical Summary Services

Attorneys can get a crisp, free-flow narrative of all crucial events in the patient’s medical journey. Get the vital data they need at their fingertips with our narrative report. Features of our case summary include the details below:

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Case Oriented Review

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Damage analysis

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Injury treatment & progress

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Radiology Finding Analysis

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Work status & restrictions

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Narratives of illegible records

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Past injury review

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Detailed Therapy Notes

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Current health status

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Disability Status Analysis

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Clinical Peer Review

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Review of RFA

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Why LezDo?

Our narrative medical summary highlights all the vital facts of the individual claims.


Our concise but comprehensive narrative summaries are easily graspable as we simplify the complex terminologies.


The patient’s medical, surgical, and social history gains focus with other significant histories.


See a crystal clear summary of medical expenses incurred along with the summary of narrative.


We give reviewer comments for controversial information, missing records or pages, and treatment gaps.


We present the medical data chronologically with the provider and facility name, and date of visit. This helps in understanding the detailed timeline of medical events hassle-free.


Our narrative report presents the medical data in a chronological order to make adding the additional data easier later.


Get all the current medications, allergies, and laboratory tests noted in the summary clearly.


By hyperlinking the summary notes to the original records, we make the navigation a smooth sail.


Precise and accurate analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the case makes our medical narrative more reliable.


We give a clear and accurate treatment timeline. It outlines the events sequentially from the start of treatments to the end. This makes locating facts easier.


We also note the details of illegible notes, poor photocopies, and other misinterpretations in the medical records


Find the office visits without dates summarized at the end of the summary narrative.


We provide case summaries in flawless and well-designed formats.


Our clinical narrative summaries are tailored to the needs of each individual case knowing its specifications.


We also tailor our narrative summary formats to the needs of the clients in their preferred templates.

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LezDo TechMed offers perfect narrative summaries as part of the medical record review services. Our services assist attorneys, law firms, and insurance providers in their ventures. Our HIPAA-compliant working system and multilevel audits make us deliver our clients, the best case narratives. In addition, we pump up their fulfillment with our special add-ons to make our reports become more dynamic and useful.