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APS Medical Summarization Sample

(Product Code: LDAS001)

This life insurance underwriting example encaptures the given facts.

  • Applicant’s demographic data, policy no., and review pages with summary date are exhibited in one section.
  • Underwriting, Family history, and Social History with pertinent information are exhibited in one column.
  • Differentiated acute and chronic conditions to point out the significant disease condition in health snapshot and surgical history is also described below.
  • Recent two years’ vitals are captured and tabulated with the date of service and units.
  • Current medications with dosages are captured and tabulated along with page number.
  • Applicant’s last five years’ historical summary details (Labs, reports, and various types of visits) are recorded with the signed physician’s name.

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LDAS001 – APS Summary


APS Health Summary Sample

(Product Code: LDAS002)

Our APS summarization report sample pinpoints the below details in short.

  • Applicant’s case reference with policy no, insurance name and total pages, record from and to date, and summary date are exhibited in one section.
  • Family history includes health details of family members with relationship and their alive or deceased status.
  • Current medications are captured and tabulated with prescribed date, dosages, and page no.
  • Diagnosis with ICD code is described with a precise date range for analyzing the number of visits of the applicant.
  • Captured high-risk conditions with occurrence and treatment highlights, current status, and onset date are exhibited accurately.
  • Reviewers’ comments are highlighted separately in the snapshot.
  • Lab data from the recent two years are recorded, and the abnormal labs are highlighted.
  • Non-focused record information such as acute conditions and synopsis are listed with date and page no.

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LDAS002 – APS Health Summary



APS Chronology Summary Sample

(Product Code: LDAS003)

APS medical summarization sample captures the given significant data and presents in an easily perusable format.

  • Applicant’s demographic data, policy no., and report date with summary date presented in one section.
  • Medical, surgical, family and allergy history are captured with pertinent conditions and designed in bulletin style.
  • Social history data are recorded with the current status of the substance dossier.
  • Current medications with dosages are captured and tabulated with page no.
  • The vitals from the recent two years is exhibited with units and page no.
  • In a detailed historical summary, the type of the visit, facility, and provider name is exhibited in one section and review notes are highlighted with the severity of the condition and plan of action in italics.
  • A common note on the treatment gap is provided where sections were missed.

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LDAS003 – APS Chronology Summary