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Medical Chronology

Our medical records chronology cost depends on the complexity and number of pages in the case. Our team crafts supreme quality medical chronology for lawyers with precision at an affordable cost and in an extremely quick turnaround time.
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Demand Letter

LezDo will always compose demands considering the personal injury demand letter policy limit of the defendants. While preparing the insurance claim demand letter, we try not to miss any valid damages encountered by the plaintiff.


Narrative Summary

LezDo’s medical narrative summary analysis covers all the crucial medical facts. Our summarizers weave them in an easily digestible format. Summary with uncompromising quality will reach you at a cut-down price before you even think about assigning the deadline.

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APS Summarization

The attending physician statements (APS) summary is precisely made as per the need of the client for a budget-friendly plan. Our new clients pay per case while our existing clients go for monthly or bi-monthly payment cycles.
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Deposition Summary

We draft concise deposition abstract summaries without leaving any vital testimonies of the witnesses in an intelligible format. Perplexing depo summaries of your prior service will no longer bother you. Get them for reasonable deposition summary costs.
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Add-On Services

LezDo’s record reviews for law firms benefit personal injury or mass tort lawyers as they come along with boosting add-on services for low prices. The add-ons make the review reports more comprehensive and easy to peruse.
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Medical Chronology

Narrative Summary

Deposition Summary

Treatment Timeline

Medical Billing Summary



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Medical Chronology

Narrative Summary

Deposition Summary

Treatment Timeline

Medical Billing Summary


Add-On Services

Delivering in 5-7 days

Missing Record Identification



PDF Sorting & Indexing


Pain & Suffering Chart


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When it comes to pricing, we’re wired differently than the competition. Choose us and see the difference! Others demand a longer processing time and charge 5 times higher hourly rate. Additionally, they charge for the add-on services too.

Quality Meets Affordability

We don’t just provide quality services, we add more value for free! Along with your savings on our affordable cost, you also receive our add-ons – treatment timeline, hyperlink, missing record identification, and indexing entirely for free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for your services?

For standard summaries, we offer a very reasonable starting price of $25 per hour. You can pay us through PayPal, Check or bank transfer at your convenience.

How many pages your employees would summarize in an hour?

We would summarize approximately 30 pages per hour for medical chronology and narrative summaries. For deposition summaries, it would be approximately 15 pages per hour.

Mass tort screenings can be done 100 pages per hour. To review flow sheets, forms, etc, we would complete 200 pages in an hour. Yeah, the legibility, complexity, and quality of your medical record can alter the billable hours.

Sample billing:

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Do you follow a template for the medical record review and analysis?

We treat each case as a new one. We do have templates, but our review reports would be custom-made as per the requirement of each client.

Do you provide customization for the services you offer?

Yes. We tailor all the review services as per your requirements without charging you anything extra.

Is LezDo TechMed HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We are HIPAA compliant, with our workforce trained exclusively on HIPAA data security guidelines.

Where do you conduct medical record review process?

Our entire medical record review analysis and quality audits are carried out in the United States.

Do you offer free add-ons for the review services?

Yes. Depending on the services you request, we offer a bunch of few add-ons for you.

Do you provide an estimated cost before starting the medical chart review process?

After sorting and indexing, we would come up with an estimate of the final cost. Upon your confirmation, we would initiate the process.

Do we have to pay extra for the hyperlinking in your medical record reviews?

We don’t charge you for the icing on the cake. Hyperlink would be absolutely free for you.

What about your billing cycle?

Initially, you will be billed after the delivery of summaries. Once you become our recurring customer, we would invoice you on a monthly basis.