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What is a mass tort? A mass tort is a type of litigation filed when huge numbers of consumers are harmed by defective drugs or products. Examples of mass tort claims include 3m earplugs, AFFF, Invokana, and so on. Explosions, commercial plane disasters, groundwater contamination caused by toxic waste disposal, or noxious pollution emitted by industrial enterprises are some of the potential hazards leading to mass tort lawsuits. The difference between mass tort vs class action is mass tort considers each lawsuit individually, unlike class action.

The U.S. courts are flooded by numerous mass torts litigation as many manufacturers act negligently. Mass tort attorneys and law firms need to plow through voluminous records to find key facts to fight against mighty defendants. LezDo has experience in handling recent mass tort medical record reviews. Reviewing medical records is an inevitable step in mass tort litigation. Outsourcing services for mass tort with us will save the cost and time for mass tort law firms.

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LezDo TechMed’s Mastery on Mass Tort

Every mass tort case is built on medical records by expert mass tort lawyers. LezDo TechMed evaluates medical records to identify the device or drug as well as the damage sustained as a result of use. This is an important first stage in the discovery process because it helps us to establish injury consistency and other criteria that can help us during the mass tort lawsuit process.

Having LezDo TechMed do your mass tort review frees up the heavy labor of your mass tort law firm’s attorneys, paralegals, associates, and other billable employees. Any missing records, such as diagnostic tests, operation reports, and supportive laboratory results, will be included in our outputs at no additional charge.

Our medical record summaries and add-ons fortify your mass tort settlement process. Having experience in working with current mass tort cases like 3M and Zantac mass tort, our experts can support you in mass tort settlements effectively.

LezDo Handles Difficult Mass Tort Cases Efficiently

Though the defendants are the same, mass tort claims involve multiple plaintiffs with different injury levels. Each mass tort claim is unique and finding proof of injury becomes the vital part of winning it. Our medical record review team validates the records and identifies their complexity diligently. Our reviews aid mass tort attorneys in easily estimating the worth of the case.

Our mass tort records specialists simplify the medical jargon in physician charts and sieve out the complications in them for the mass tort lawyers to pin the focal issues easily. The culled-out issues in the mass tort lawsuits help the attorneys and law firms to plan out record retrievals and depositions. As the top medical record review services USA, LezDo never fails in fulfilling the needs of the mass tort lawyers wither in mass tort record retrieval or in mass tort support services.

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Relevant Add-Ons

To make your medical record review for mass tort more effective, we provide add-ons such as Indexing, Med-a-word, Bookmarking, Pdf sorting & merging, Duplicate record extraction, Missing records identification, and so on.

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Efficient Reviews

Our effective record reviews can make even a complex mass tort lawsuit process easy. It also reduces your unbillable time with in-house record review. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case through mass tort legal analysis.

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Safe File-Sharing

We are HIPAA compliant and keen on protecting your data. The medical records and our record reviews will be transferred via secured cloud drive platforms. Privacy and confidentiality of your medical data are our prime focus.

Focused Services on Mass Tort

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Case Screening & Analysis

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Types of Mass Tort Cases

Defective Products

Toxic Substances Exposure

Defective Drugs

Wrongly Designed Medical Devices

Natural or Man-made Disaster