About Us

About Us

LezDo techmed, a people centered organization supporting businesses and professionals to ease their works by providing tailored solutions.

Serving Since 2013

Who We Are

We support Medical-Legal, Insurance, Healthcare and major business industries with our extended range of services. We have dedicated teams to support our customers in every field. Our team members are skilled and experienced in their respective fields. 

We have uncompromised data security policies to comply with HIPAA & ISO standards.

Our workforce includes physicians, legal nurses, data analysts, information technology experts, managers with extensive health care industry expertise, and an experienced leadership team.

The foremost duty of our company is to understand our clients’ thought processes and our ultimate goal is to assure them complete solution and satisfaction. We can be counted upon for target achievement in a specified time frame.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision


To provide lucrative services with uncompromised quality, timely delivery & innovative ideas


To extend our areas of expertise to outstretch global requirements.

Our Mission


To be a global leader in bridging the global clients and rural resources.


To be a promising role model organization in rural development by providing jobs & reducing urbanization.

Our Culture

medical record review by nurses

More than a team, we are a fun family

The LezDo techmed family is inclusive of a manifold cluster of well-experienced, steered professionals in their respective domains. Our management team steering our success. Our superiors and managers understand the importance of individuality with all different skills and strengths in order for the team to function as one.

Trust and support are seen as the most important part of our company culture. Together, we provide solutions that help our customers fulfil their needs.

Why Choose Us

Data Privacy

We give high priority to data security & privacy. We have uncompromised data security policies to comply with HIPAA & ISO standards to protect every single info shared with us.

Technical Knowledge

We have in-depth knowledge in the industry standards and we are following a best out of best global operational practices. We at LezDo enhancing our knowledge through experience day by day.

Best Customer Service

Our returning customers are the witness for our exceptional customer service that rates high on the Chart. Friendly bond with our customers and working together as a team is our key success in developing the best solution according to the need of the customer.

Qualified Experts

We have a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in creating customized services and products just for you.










medical record review by nurses

Legal Process Outsourcing

Our Medical-Legal team supports personal injury attorneys, paralegals, medical-legal consultants, independent medical examiners, qualified medical evaluators, legal nurse consultants for the process of analyzing medical records in order to understand the facts, causation, and the losses during the time of litigation.


One Stop Medical Billing Solution!

Our Healthcare support team does Medical Billing services to various healthcare providers including Urgent Care, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatric & Mental Health to speed up the collections & cut the down their cost down by 50%. We also provide tailored solutions fit for your practice.


Precise Medical Summarization

We support Life Insurance underwriters in evaluating and analyzing the health & life risks involved in insuring people. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in healthcare and data management. Accuracy, consistency, and turnaround time are vital parameters that we engineer and deliver on for every client.


One-click web solutions

Our extensive IT/ITES services occupy the areas like corporate Website Design and Development, e-Commerce Solution, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click Management, E-mail Marketing and many more. One-click solution provider for all your business IT needs.