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Who We Are?

LezDo provides a wide range of medical record review services to the medical-legal, insurance, and healthcare sectors. We have a specialized squad of experts to fulfill the needs of our esteemed clientele.

We work as an extended team of yours and improve your workflow efficiency with our unique medical record review services.

We are always embracers of change and innovation, which drives us to connect with our clients better.

Our crew is enriched with physicians, legal nurses, data analysts, IT pros, and managers with considerable healthcare industry experience.

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LezDo TechMed’s


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To provide lucrative services with uncompromised quality, timely delivery & innovative ideas

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To extend our areas of expertise to outstretch global requirements.


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To be a global leader in bridging the global clients and rural resources.

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To be a promising role model organization in rural development by providing jobs & reducing urbanization.

Why Choose Us?

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Qualified Experts

We have lined up a fantastic team of professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise to work on your files, which can significantly reflect in winning your cases.

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Technical Knowledge

We have an extensive understanding of industry standards and adhere to the finest of global operational procedures. Every day, we expand our expertise through experience.

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Data Privacy

We maintain data confidentiality and security by practicing good data management and preventing unauthorized access that could lead to data loss, manipulation, or theft.

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Best Customer Service

Our recurring customers attest to our great customer service, which ranks high on the graph. Friendly rapport with our clients and teamwork are critical to our success in finding the best solution for their needs.

Our Team of Experts

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We are all better when we are together

LezDo believes in creating a fun, vibrant place to work where we share our expertise and deliver quality results. Ours is a diverse group of well-experienced, motivated professionals in their relevant discipline who stay supercharged for our success.

LezDo’s supervisors and managers recognize the necessity of diversity in talents and strengths for the team to work as a whole.

Quality, transparency, and motivation are the key pillars that we focus on, with which we establish positive connections on all horizons of our business.

Every day, we put forth a lot of effort to make sure that our employees have the resources they need and the freedom to do their best job for our clients.

Our Recognitions

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HIPAA Compliant

LezDo knows how important HIPAA is for the health care industry. We adhere to the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards outlined in HIPAA and uphold them to protect the integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI).

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ISO Compliant

LezDo complies with the strict data privacy and security measures established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for enhancing the information security management system.

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HITECH Compliant

To guarantee data security and prevent data breaches, we follow the guidelines established by HITECH for adopting electronic health records and supporting technologies. Your data is always safe in our hands.

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“Your attention to detail is very much appreciated and is vital for these projects. This is the reason why we want to continue using your services.”

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“Thank you so much.  I am really impressed with your work.  I will be using you in the future and will recommend you to my colleagues.”

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“Joman & team are more efficient in completing the tasks and I would say they are just super-fast. Same time, they will not miss even a bit of info”

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“LezDo techmed exceeded our expectations! Our office is very happy and we will definitely use them in the near future..”
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“Medical summaries and synopsis by LezDo techmed made our underwriting process very simple. We just reduced our cost to 40 percent.”

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