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Adept APS summaries that are skillfully crafted

What is underwriting in insurance? The health and life risks associated with insuring people are evaluated and analyzed in life insurance underwriting. Obtaining an Attending Physician Statement (APS) from the medical professional who is looking after the insured’s health is a part of the insurance underwriting procedure. The process of summarizing the medical history, including diagnostics, medical examinations, prescription medications, vital signs, lab findings etc, is known as APS Medical Summarization.  LezDo Techmed is one of the renowned APS Summary services in the U.S., abetting many leading insurance underwriter companies and BGAs in providing quality APS insurance services.

Our Expertise

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Disability Insurance Underwriting

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Life Insurance Claims

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Life Insurance Underwriting

Features of Insurance/APS Summary

APS summarization is essential for the life and health insurance industries. LezDo’s medical record review services USA reduces costs and help to save time for underwriters and insurance companies. Our record review experts review medical records of the insurance applicant and provide thorough information on high-risk medical illnesses including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Our APS medical record summarization provides significant facts about the insurance applicant’s health to establish their risk level.

Focus on Required Elements

Our APS life insurance summary focuses on the required elements on the APS records in the requested time frame.

Vital Signs Review

Our APS medical records summarization captures every details such as height, weight, blood pressure, Body Mass Index, respiration, and heart rate.

Social History Analysis

Life insurance underwriting requirements includes both recreational and prescription drug use, smoking or alcohol use.

Review of Screening Reports

Our APS summary captures reports of episodes like depression, anxiety, fall risk, suicidal ideation screening results etc.

Chronology/Narrative Summary

Our chronology/narrative summary contains all visits, notes, labs, and test results along with DOS, facility/provider name.

Occurrence & Treatment Analysis

Our medical report summary includes all the illness, their starting point, treatments, progress and current status.

Laboratory Results Analysis

We cover abnormal and signified lab panels in specified period as per client request or the requirement of the case.

Travel History Analysis

We include the insured’s foreign travel in pandemic periods, war, countries with communicable diseases & other critical conditions.

Work Status & Disability Analysis

Our medical record summary service captures difficulties in ADL, disabilities if any,  physical limitations, and work status in detail.

Underwriting Remark

LezDo’s APS summarization report identifies controversial physician statements, errors in value, vitals in records and note out missing records.

Medical Histories Analysis

Our APS summary captures all past & pre-existing medical and surgical conditions with diagnosis date and onset info.

Radiology Finding Analysis

Our APS underwriting covers all radiology reports, except pregnancy ultrasound, repeated tests and so on.

Financial Strength Analysis

Our APS medical summarization samples cover the date and cause of loss of job and  financial struggles.

Health Overview

We sift all problems, diagnosis, surgeries and treatment compliance to easily understand the applicant’s conditions for risk.

Customized Summary Format

Our APS summary service provides 5 different formats for the clients to choose from and customize to their needs.

Medications Analysis

LezDo’s APS insurance summary covers all the medications prescribed in the last 12 months and are taken currently, their dosage and frequency.

Family History Review

Our life insurance APS underwriting family history section captures major health illness with first degree family relations if any.

Risky Hobbies Analysis

Our APS life insurance underwriting capture risky hobbies like sky diving, scuba diving, skiing, parachuting, hiking, etc.

Health Snapshots

Our APS summary lists high risk conditions, treatment date and compliance like treatment history, and current status of illness like hypertension.

Effective Proofreading

Our APS summarization team strictly proofreads, double checking the patient’s name, DOB, age, gender, policy number, and carrier name.


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How do we create effective APS summaries?

Our medical summarizers condense huge volumes of medical records for APS insurance underwriting, utilizing all the nuances in digital world, making the delivery fast, safe and secure.

Exploring Medical Underwriting in Life Insurance: LezDo Has Your Say!


Experience unmatched APS health insurance through our top-tier APS medical summarization services. The expertise of our medical records summary services lies in the comprehensive life insurance medical underwriting process where we cly evaluate health risks and analyze medical histories, lab results, and diagnostics. The quality of our medical record summary services makes us a reliable partner in medical insurance underwriting arena.

Medical underwriting for life insurance process hinges on a precise and succinct medical summary report. At LezDo, we showcase our capability with a legal medical summary example, transforming complex medical records into comprehensible information. This enables our clients to smoothly navigate the complexities of medical underwriting in life insurance, experiencing unparalleled expertise and quality. We aslo offer medical record retrieval for life insurance and make APS retrieval of records a breeze for you. 


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Detailed Historical Summary

Our APS medical summary covers the entire details of the health and treatment history, including all the pre-existing illnesses and injuries
detailed in the medical records

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Date of Visit

One of the key factors used in our life insurance underwriting is the specific time at which a patient has been given a medical care for the subject accident.

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Facility/ Provider Name

Our APS summarization covers the details of the facilities and providers where the patient received medical care for the subject accident.

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Type of Notes

Our APS medical records for life insurance underwriting services cover all the notes by healthcare professionals like office visits, progress, operations, etc.

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Chief Complaints

We include chief complaints like the issue,  symptoms, diagnosis, follow up of prior issues and other factors that led the patient to seek medical care.

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History of Present Illness

We include chronological description of present illness’s progression from the first symptom to the present along with area, severity, modifying factors and related symptoms.

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Medical & Surgical History

We include medical history, health status prior to the current issues and surgical history with list of surgeries undergone prior to the visit of the patient.

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Our services in aps for life insurance covers the details of substances that cause allergy to patient, which may found in medications, food, dust mites, pets, pollen, insects etc.

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Screening Reports

Screening tests are given to identify people who may have an increased risk of particular conditions.  Screening is not designed to be diagnostic tests.

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Reviewed Reports

Physician review the past or present radiology or laboratory reports during the office visit for the purpose to determine treatment, diagnosis and assess current condition.

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Vitals are group of medical signs that indicate the status of body’s vital functions which includes body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.

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Review of System

Inventory of the body systems is obtained through the series of questions in order to identify signs and/or symptoms which the patient may experience.

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Physical Exam

Process of evaluating the objective findings through the use of observation, palpation, percussion, and auscultation are integrated with history and pathophysiology.

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Assessment/ Diagnosis

It is the process of determining which disease or condition explains a patient’s symptoms and signs with help of one or more diagnostic procedures.

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The healthcare provider educates the patient about the causes, progression, outcomes, and possible treatments, as well as provides advice on maintaining health.

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One or more diagnostic or treatment directives formed by a provider, commanding the execution of specific activities as a part of a diagnostic or analeptic regimen of a patient.

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Referrals & Recommends

Orders from providers are to see a specialist or to get certain medical services and advise the patient to do something or set the goal for current medical issue.

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Our Manifesto

Ultimate Attention to Precision, Quality, and Reliability


What Makes Us Unique in

APS Summarization?

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Expert Review

Our APS summarization service has a team of experienced medical record summarizers who can do the medical review summary efficiently makes the work error free.

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Comprehensive Summary

APS insurance underwriting team makes the APS summarization report with utmost care for the client APS underwriters to understand the case summary better.

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Three Tier Quality Audit

Three tier quality audit is done to make perfect medical documentation summarizations for the clients as they need not go through the PDF documents for reference.

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Next Day Delivery

Our expert team of APS medical summary service ensures delivery of the finished summaries within 24 hours of submission of medical records.

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Handling High Volumes

Our efficient APS summary team can handle any huge volume of life insurance medical records, by scaling up volumes of medical records subsequently.

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Customized Summaries

Our experts in APS in insurance underwriting can customize the APS summarization as per the clients’ needs under the APS underwriting standards.

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Cost Effective

Our APS life insurance underwriting process is highly cost effective. The higher the volume you give for summarization, higher the discount you get.

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HIPAA Compliant

Our APS underwriting agency is HIPAA compliant and shares the files via secured cloud drive ensuring data privacy and security. Leave your data with us and feel safe.

Can you tailor your medical summaries?

Definitely! You can tailor your own summaries with the help of our Case Drive- case management tool. Have a glance at our prime templates on medical summaries, chronology summaries and health summaries. If satisfied, choose the template you favor. Not satisfied? No worries. Give your preference and design your own templates effortlessly by answering a few questions. Leave your tailored templates with our expert medical records summarizers and get your APS medical report summaries in top quality and precision within no time. 

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