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Medical chronology is the process of chronologically ordering the medical records of a patient as per the order and date of medical events. LezDo TechMed is one of the notable medical chronology companies serving the attorneys, paralegals, IMEs, QMEs, and insurance companies with a chronological order of medical records of their clients. We use HIPAA-compliant medical chronology software and data transfer to deliver pinpoint medical chronology samples. Our medical chronologies by physicians serve as medical chronology examples in the industry, helping clients during depositions, mediation, negotiations, and trial. These qualities make us the top medical chronology services USA.


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Tired of substandard medical chronology services? Time to experience the power of expert medical chronologies from LezDo medical chronology templates. No more copy-paste in your medical chronology reports, we don’t do it to blow up the number of pages. Slimmed-down reports with pin-point data, that gives us a night and day difference from others. As the best medical record review services USA, LezDo speaks financials fluently, we bill you only for the hours we spend, and you will see it in our lucid bills.


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LezDo Medical Chronologies: The Key to Optimize Your Workflow

Using LezDo to craft precise medical chronologies is a smart move to streamline your daily operations and boost output. With our services, you can surpass the difficult responsibilities of recruiting, onboarding, and training your staff management, freeing critical time and resources. By utilizing LezDo’s chronology services, our clients can handle multiple cases by examining records more quickly. We can effortlessly handle your needs, speed turnaround times, at the best industry costs. Our scalable chronology solutions adapt to your firm’s fluctuating needs and can handle thousands of pages at a time. Entrus your records with our medical chronologists and focus on other significant legal processes.

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Medical Record Chronology USA: LezDo’s Pioneering Approach

LezDo TechMed leads in medical record chronology USA, offering top-notch services among medical chronology outsourcing companies. We’re recognized for our precise, efficient medical record chronologies that forego traditional data bloating, instead emphasizing key points for a user-friendly navigation. While the introduction of AI medical chronology services opens a new frontier in healthcare, we firmly believe in the irreplaceable value of human expertise that has always ensured uncompromised quality.

At LezDo TechMed, our expertise lies in providing unparalleled paralegal medical chronology services. Our skilled team adeptly sift through complex medical data to deliver concise, user-friendly medical record summary and chronology. By focusing on critical points and discarding irrelevant information, we ensure a seamless navigation experience. This dedication reinforces our leadership among medical chronology outsourcing companies in the US.


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focused reviews - LezDo TechMed

Focused Record Review

We analyze the medical records and cherry-pick the ones relevant to the subject case. We review the focused medical records and prepare medical chronology as you need it.

Injury source management - LezDo TechMed

Injury Investigation

We review the mechanism of injury & causative factors related to the case at hand. We never miss any information related to the subject injury and the biomechanics.

analysis of damage - LezDo TechMed

Analysis of Damages

We analyze the physical and property damages sustained due to the subject incident. A detailed sum-up of the damages will help in demanding compensation for the victim.

past injury review - LezDo TechMed

Past Injury Analysis

We never overlook the past injuries of the claimant. We do extensive research and analysis on the previous injuries to determine if they are relevant to the current case.

cost analysis - LezDo TechMed

Occurrence & Treatment Analysis

We conduct a detailed cost analysis of the post-injury treatment of the patient. Our cost analysis will be an asset in injury compensation.

Radiology - LezDo TechMed

Analysis of Radiology Findings

We review radiology findings crucial to the subject case. Our medical records chronology will comprise the type of radiology exam, techniques used, findings, impressions, and much more.

Therapy inputs - LezDo TechMed

Rehab Therapies Analysis

Do you want to know more about the alternative therapies involved in the case? We do a detailed study on the different therapies advised for the claimant.

work status - LezDo TechMed

Work Status & Restrictions

What’s the work status of the claimant? Are there any work restrictions advised by the physician? We answer these queries in detail with our medical chronology reports.

manuscript photocopy review - LezDo TechMed

Analysis of Pain & Suffering

Our medical chronologies clearly reflect the extent of physical or emotional pain and suffering. With an in-depth pain and suffering analysis, we help you build the claim stronger.

current health status - LezDo TechMed

Current Health Status Review

With our medical chronology personal injury, we reflect the current health status of the claimant. Our report mirrors the patient’s injuries and their severity, making the claim strong.

future care analysis - LezDo TechMed

Future Care Analysis

Does the claimant require any future medical care related to the subject case? We would dig it out with treatment details and estimated treatment expenses.

Strength and Weakness - LezDo TechMed

Strength & Weakness Analysis

Our medical chart chronologies not only focuses on the injuries related to the subject case. We conduct a thorough review and list out the strength and weaknesses of the case.

Comprehensive Chronology 1 - LezDo TechMed

Comprehensive Chronology

Our medical record chronology experts, with vast exposure in legal and medical arenas, know how to prepare a medical case chronology for each case type and never follow any blind formats.

Disability Analysis 1 - LezDo TechMed

Disability Analysis

Does the claimant have any permanent or temporary disability? Is it a partial or complete one? We would analyze how the injury led to the disability and how it affected his or her daily activities.

Case Focus Outline 1 - LezDo TechMed

Case Focus Outline

Our medical history assessment in chronology generates an overall summary of the case with all significant turning points leading to the injury and treatments in a short narrative.

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Special Reports

Not just routine medical chronology summary services, we boost your success with our special reports.


case summary report - LezDo TechMed

Case Summary

Want a synopsis of the entire medical data of the case? Our crispy case summary report will fetch you all the details like diagnosis, treatment details, and future care in a single-page document.

injury report 01 - LezDo TechMed


Want to peruse the case focus in just a glimpse? Get our treatment timeline with all the significant occurrences and related time ranges presented under unique icons.

injury report - LezDo TechMed

Special Injury Report

Are you looking for more details on the injuries of the claimant? We provide you with an exclusive report focusing on details of the present and past injuries, aggravation of injuries, treatment, and future care.

Pain Suffering Chart - LezDo TechMed

Pain & Suffering Chart

Find it difficult to calculate the value of pain & suffering? We pinpoint all the pain and suffering with pain scores in an intelligible pain and suffering chart.

traffic collision report - LezDo TechMed

Collision Report

Is your traffic collision report bulky? We prepare special collision reports, extracting relevant data like type of collision, property damage, witness details, factual diagrams, biomechanics data, etc.

Collision Report - LezDo TechMed

Medical Cost Projection

Are you looking for a perfect and accurate future medical cost projection? Our medical records chronologists analyze all the records and come up with a valid as well as exact medical cost projection.

EMS report - LezDo TechMed

EMS Report

Want a summarized version of the EMS report? We do an extensive analysis of the EMS report and provide you with the essence of the information provided by the emergency medical services.

EMS Report - LezDo TechMed

Medical Billing Analysis

Want a gist of the voluminous medical bills? We do an extensive analysis of all the medical bills and provide you with the essence of the information provided by the medical providers.

Add-On Services

As the most sought-after medical chronology USA, LezDo delivers more than we are paid for, our add-on services say it all. We have a band of free add-ons in our medical chronology summary services. Our add-on services will help you have an easy grasp of the medical data in the chronology order. Our medical records chronology templates can be tailored as you need them.

Treatment Timeline – Free

Identifying Missing Records – Free


Hyperlinking – Free

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Types of Lawsuits for Medical Chronology

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Motor Vehicle Accident

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Pedestrian Accident

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Slip & Fall Accident

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Product Liability

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Medical Malpractice

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Social Disability Claim

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Workplace Accident

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Medical Device Litigation

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Wrongful Death

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Pharmaceutical Injury

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Birth Defect/Injury

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Marine Accident

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Sports Accident/Injury

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Gun Shot Wound

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Escalator Accident

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Dog Bite

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Radiation Exposure

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Mold Exposure

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Whiplash Injury

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Civil Battery

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Food Poisoning

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Nursing Home Injury

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Elder Care Abuse

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Sexual Assault/Abuse

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Catastrophic Injury

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Head/Spine Injury

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed


bullet icon - LezDo TechMed


bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Lead Poisoning

bullet icon - LezDo TechMed

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Our Areas of Focus

When you choose LezDo TechMed for your medical chronology needs, you can expect nothing less than precision and accuracy. We understand the critical importance of a well-structured medical chronology report in legal cases, and we are committed to providing you with a meticulously crafted and case-focused analysis.

icon personal injury - LezDo TechMed

Personal Injury

icon product liability - LezDo TechMed

Product Liability

icon medical malpractice - LezDo TechMed

Medical Malpractice

icon disability - LezDo TechMed

Disability & Workers Compensation

icon mass tort - LezDo TechMed

Mass Tort

icon nursing - LezDo TechMed

Nursing Home Injury & Abuse