Our Medical-Legal team supports personal injury attorneys, paralegals, medical-legal consultants, independent medical examiners, qualified medical evaluators, legal nurse consultants for the process of analyzing medical records in order to understand the facts, causation, and the losses during the time of litigation.


Medical-Legal Summarization

Our Medical-Legal team comprises of experts from Legal Nurses, MDs, Data Analysts, and Case Managers to take care of the review of all kind of medical records. Whether it is an unorganized, unsorted, handwritten and/or of any template, our team of experts are skilled enough to organize and interpret your medical records and draft a precise medical summary. Our summaries will save you significant time and cost.

Our Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mass tort
  • Disability & Worker’s Compensation 


  • Unorganized medical records will be organized
  • Hyperlinked medical summaries for easy navigation
  • Graphical Timeline representations for easy understanding
  • Detailed chronology/narrative summaries
  • Highlighted critical medical findings for quick attention
  • Missing records Identification
  • Duplicate record Extraction
  • Case screening analysis for merit
  • Identification of injury causation
  • Efficient deposition summaries