Readers may ask a lot of question about life care plan. The vivid question is –do we need a life care plan for personal injury lawsuit or settlement? Do we get a due workers’ compensation? Does it pre-exist as a prime medium on personal injury and workers’ compensation?

There is a growing demand in life care planning because human life is more important than anything on earth. Life is a precious gift from God so at all cost it is to be cared and nourished. Knowing this concept, life care planners come to play in the personal life of every injured personal for a proper settlement and compensation keeping in mind the future expenses.

Realism in the Life Care Plan

It has a growing demand throughout US as the grown up adults’ life expectancy is on a peril. The older adults in US approximately 25% and they constitute 6.5% of America’s workforce. Does it shock you? Yes it does. The older adults shrink in health condition and fall prey for ever-thirsty corporates. Here, the affected needs workers’ compensation to its saturation.

The national center for health statistics for disease control and prevention has stated that there are 31 million personal injury cases in which, 2 million are severely affected to sue for 8 figures compensation. Are the severe personal injury cases get due compensation?

‘No’ is the answer. The common men look for 8 figure compensation but tricked in certain extent to get settled with miniscule sum for their entire life. This is a tragedy seen through the prism of daily occurrence. What is life care plan? Methods of life care planners. How can you get a proper vindication for personal injury claim and workers compensation via life care plan? These are elucidated in the following lines.

What is a life care plan?

International conference on life care planning indicates that life care plan is dynamic document based upon published standards of practice comprehensive assessment, data analysis, and research which provides an organized, concise plan for current and future needs with associated costs for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic health care needs.

Do you need Personal Injury Life Care Plan for Workers’ Compensation?

Absolutely! You need one. If personal injury is long standing, you need one to compensate for your wellbeing. Chronic diseases, time consuming injuries, and elongated illnesses need a life care plan. The moment you find the personal injury to be temporary and does not affect your financial wellbeing much you need not to have a special plan.

If the victim takes the backing from the life care planner, they can provide a detailed medical record review and demand for the medication cost, personal injury attorney’s cost, future cost till s/he gets to the normal life.

Procurement techniques of life care planner

The procurement techniques include the itsy-bitsy note of the medical records and the holistic pendulum around the personal injury case. The principal medium, a life care planner follows is on the go:-

  • Life care planners first and foremost review the medical records of the ailing person
  • Interview the patients
  • Converse with the family members
  • Consult the patients’ health care providers
  • Explore specific care-needs of illness or injury
  • Review on medical cost from various sources of the same geography
  • Determine life expectancy
  • Access the medical expenses in the past, present, and future
  • Consider the Loss of economic opportunity
  • Abstract of pain, sufferings, and inconveniences encountered on the course of personal injury
  • Analysis of patient’s inability to daily activity, housing facility, transportation, and other paraphernalia connected to the personal injury claims.

How does a Lifetime planner work; Case study?

Accidents pave the way for life care planners. They provide hope to the injured persons and their family members to live a happy and healthy life thereafter. Let me help you with an example. An employee has traveled to Alabama for a business deal.

He had a severe car crash and fell prey for a hemiplegia (one sided paralysis).It is a permanent disability and he can never regain control over the limbs. He needs workers’ compensation settlement on the personal injury case. He files worker’s compensation lawsuit for life care plan settlement to the life care planners. Let us see, how the life care planners support him and the family with the life care plan settlement.

Life care planner reviews the medical records of the injured person. He gets to know the patient’s demographic details and the accident scene. He converses with the health care providers to know the whereabouts of the treatment, the health condition, medical opinion, the life expectancy, and the future treatment option for the injured.

While taking care of the financial accountability, He takes note of the treatment for the wounded and the losses incurred by the patient. The treatment includes diagnosis, surgery, physiotherapy, medication, therapeutic recreation, dietary guidance, self-care therapy, and so on.

The damages considered are loss of wages, loss of income,  loss of occupational benefit, medical expenditures so far and the future medical cost, pain and grief, emotional distress, the money incurred to alter the house and the surroundings, installation of a wheel chair ramp, and the loss of affection and companionship.

Taking on account of every minute detail, including patient’s need oriented goal and clinician defined goal, the life care planner prepares a comprehensive report. He enlists supportive documents demanding a care team to help the patients even in the future. The group indicates nurses, psycho therapist, care givers, psychologists, social workers, and other professional therapists. He can also instruct, how they need to monitor and assist the patient’s condition.

These might work as a magic pill to support the plaintiff’s argument in the lawsuit. Nevertheless, the life care planner can certify before the judge that the personal injury claim made is true and valid with measured data. The plaintiff finally, gets the fuller compensation demanded for the personal injury claim.


Life care plan is an integral part of any personal injury accidents, workers’ compensation, and medical malpractice for a fair compensation. Every human tends to ponder over the future and the goals associated with it. In order to satisfy the need and wants, the bruised requires sum of money for a decent living. Lifetime planners assure them with facts.

Pain and agony are part and partial of life. The suffering ensued due to personal injury accidents, and medical malpractice need to be countered with reasonable compensation. Compensation is measured by the suffering timeline, medical expenses, partial impediments or permanent impediments, life expectancy, and future expenses for the injured person and the family.

Life care planners can provide better strategy for the demand letter to get the due for the affected. The risk factor is reduced while capitalizing life care plan for the personal injury accidents, workers’ compensation, and medical malpractice.

Do you have a story to share with the wider public if you have benefited from the life care plan after a personal injury?