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How Did I Become a Preferred Medical Record Review Partner?

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Medical Record Review

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’- Here is Jerin, CEO of LezDo TechMed LLC with you sharing my journey. The journey that started as a nursing student and continuing as a professed medical record review partner to the top-ranking personal injury attorneys of the U.S.

Who else should be better at telling my story than myself? It’s not a blog that would fill your head with any facts and figures. Rather, it would fill your heart with inspiration and positivity.

My Journey

After completing my education in nursing, I started my career as a healthcare worker working for many reputed multispecialty hospitals. Being in different hospital settings, I came across several circumstances assisting injured patients. The hospital management I worked with had their industrial units and as a part of my job, I had to visit them frequently. There I witnessed workplace injury cases. Lots of cases where the bread winners of the families get injured at work, losing the health and earnings. Many times I got shaken up by the hardships they were going through. People battling to meet the financial burden of the injuries and the treatment.

At many instances, I got to encounter negligence in the medical care offered to the patients. I came across many cases where the patients’ health was wrecked by the negligence of the healthcare professionals. I had to be a spectator of medical complications in the patients due to improper training of the staff, not following the standard protocols, improper diagnosis and so on.

The Birth of LezDo TechMed

Being dispirited by all the unfortunate experiences, I took the toughest or in fact the right decision of my life. I decided to quit the world of catheters, cannulas and injection needles and switched over to healthcare based IT services. There started a beautiful metamorphosis in my life. A revamping that helped me realize my potential.

Working in the healthcare-IT sector, it opened the gateways to know in detail about medical records, documentation, retrieval and management. I discovered their importance in mirroring the medical encounters of an individual helping him in insurance claims and injury lawsuits.

My expertize working in the healthcare setting helped me to review, analyze and understand the essence of each medical incident of the patient. Realizing the cruciality and scope of the process, I started assisting life insurance underwriters, claim adjusters, injury attorneys, and others by doing medical record review for their clients.

Assisting legal services for quite some time, I realized it was the time to move on to the next level. After thorough research and ground works, it was time for a take-off. I co-founded LezDo TechMed LLC, with a tiny circle of injury attorneys and QMEs, offering support to them in medical record review services. As I worked with QMEs of different disciplines, I had a better understanding of the difficulties faced by the medical-legal community. I could realize that the challenges were unique for various practice areas.

The biggest challenge we faced was the missing of potential medical records from the sets of documents received. Medical records could either miss inadvertently, or the healthcare provider removing the records deliberately. Realizing that negative impact of missing records in the claiming process, our team prioritized identifying missing records. This high value service had always been complimentary from our side to our clients. Our missing record identification always help our client attorneys to quickly track down the missing potential records and supplement those to the original record summary.

We gradually started extending our services to all areas of medical record review like medical chronology, deposition summaries, narrative summaries, demand letters etc. The clients who tried out our free trial service never had to turn back or rethink.

How We Stand Out?

Our approach has always been to keep our organization people-centered. Let it be our employees or our clients, we help them achieve their personal goals. We firmly believe that personal growth is not limited to the growth of the business but also maintaining a work-life balance of our customers. As our customers outsource their headache of medical record review, we do it passionately and deliver them high class review reports.

Word of mouth has always been a major part of how we have grown and extended our service across the US. The only reason behind that is the unbeatable quality of the services we have been offering. High quality medical record review services delivered in less time has been the signature of LezDo TechMed. Expedited services in a less TAT make us stand out among our competitors.

Our medical record review reports are never template oriented. We take each of our assignments very personal and every time give it a customized touch. Keeping compliance with HIPAA and ISO standards make our clients trust us and handover the highly confidential medical records. We  have secure remote access, PC locking, secure premises login, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to maintain the confidentiality of the medical charts.

We live in a world defined by the rapid pace of technological change and LezDoans keep on moving along with the advancements. Throughout our journey, we have been updating ourselves with the various technological platforms used by our clients. High quality robust data handling procedures make us trust worthy in the community for the last eight years, handling thousands of projects for our clients.

I never had any hidden ingredient for my success recipe. It had always been transparency and quality services that made me a preferred medical record review partner for the personal injury attorneys. I have always had a smooth sail with the my clients, making the entire process a give and take.

Dawning with medical record reviews, LezDo TechMed is enrooting in to other areas like revenue cycle management, web solutions, digital marketing and so on. I believe growth and success ends where you lose your curiosity and passion. That makes me search for new possibilities every day and I am sure LezDo would outgrow day by day.

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I believe growth and success ends where you lose your curiosity and passion. That makes me search for new possibilities every day and I am sure LezDo would outgrow day by day.




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