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We Simplify Insurance Paper Work Headaches with AI

What are AI insurance support services? It is an umbrella term used to refer a range of  AI insurance outsourcing services for insurance carriers to manage their operations in a smooth way. These services are usually outsourced to third-party providers.

Are you a General Agent, diving into the intricacies of life insurance paper works?

LezDo TechMed takes the weight off your shoulders with expert AI insurance back office support services.

We provide 360o life insurance support services using AI that are tailor-made to simplify the journey of insurance processing. We bridge GAs and the insurance carriers to cross the cascade of intricate policy terms, varying coverage details, endless claim forms, and ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

Our team specializes in simplifying the most complicated insurance claim processes, ensuring that our clients can focus on serving their clientele to the best.


We Provide Smooth AI Insurance Coverage Solutions 

How can AI tackle indurance paper work hurdles?

Our exclusive AI platform analyzes  insurance claims more efficiently than traditional processes. With AI tools, we extract relevant information from documents, assessing damage and determining the validity of claims.

Our AI systems can efficiently process medical records that help our clients in making data-driven decisions, improving operational efficiency.

With AI, we streamline the underwriting process by automating the assessment of policy applications. This improves efficiency, by reducing errors even in  complicated claims.


The Dynamic Flow of Our Case Management Services

LezDo’s  insurance back-office services headed by expert case managers provide end-to-end life insurance support services. Our insurance process outsourcing services are specifically designed to cater to the dynamic needs of life insurance applications. With  outsourced insurance services, we ensure that every case we handle is propelled efficiently through the carrier level, minimizing delays and maximizing effectiveness. Outsource insurance agncy management services to LezDo and relax.


Insurance Back Office Management Services

With expert case management process, experience a seamless journey through the complex world of insurance claims. With LezDo’s reliable insurance claims management services, claim processing becomes a breeze.


Scrubbing Your Application

From the moment an application is handed over, our case managers accurately scrub it, ensuring every detail is checked.Identifying applications as ‘Not In Good Order’ (NIGO) or ‘In Good Order’ (IGO), we proceed with precision, updating the CRM .We ensure your application adheres to the specific protocols, and persistently follow up for acknowledgment.


Ordering Paramed/Labs

After the insurance company receives the application, they may demand paramedical exams or lab tests depending upon the applicant’s age, the amount of coverage requested, and the answers provided in the application. We take on the responsibility of ordering paramedical examinations and lab tests and follow up until an appointment is secured and completed.


Outstanding Underwriting Requirements

We work hand-in-hand with GA case managers and agents by pinpointing the outstanding requirements needed for underwriting. Our services directly influences the decision-making process with accurate assessment of risks associated with the applicant. With our involvement, no stones remain unturned for underwriting process.


AI Attending Physician Statement (APS)

For AI APS summaries, we coordinate with carriers, vendors, securing any client authorizations if needed. Our dedicated record retrieval team ensures that every record is sourced efficiently from the respective medical facilities. LezDo’s AI record review sercices would review the applicant’s medical records and dig out the valid medical evidence needed along with summarization AI.


Underwriter Follow Up

Underwriting decision follow-ups often involve negotiating with carriers on underwriting offers, aligning the interests of the insured, the agent, and the insurance carrier. We consistently follow-up the underwriting decision process and keep the negotiation process moving forward. Our signature approach assists the clients in achieving favorable outcomes in underwriting negotiations.


Check In-force

We check that the policy is actually issued and remind our clients of any outstanding delivery requirements. We also ensure that the policy goes in-force without any hurdles thereafter. We gather all the pertinent details of the active insurance policies, including policy numbers, coverage types, premium amounts, and any additional riders or endorsements. 

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Other Life Insurance Support Services we offer

Once a life insurance policy is issued, our work is far from over. We offer a range of post-issue insurance support services to cater to the needs and concerns of GAs and insurers.

Policy Owner Services (POS)

With premium insurance agency back office support services, we ensure that the insurance policy of the applicant continues to meet their needs. We provide support in policy reviews, helping the policy owners assess the adequacy of their coverage as their circumstances change. Our services also cover

  • Demographic Data
  • Payment method and mode
  • Invoice/Premium details fetching
  • Trustee Change
  • Duplicate policy Request
  • Agent Change
  • Surrender of policy
  • Face Amount Reduction
  • Death Claim Processing
  • Adding/Removing Riders

Insurance Licensing & Contracting Services

Our insurance licensing experts handle the paper works and legal obstacles in insurance licensing and contracting process of agents .LezDo takes care of all the administrative work, including tracking continuing education needs and submitting applications.

Our insurance licensing and contracting support services also covers gathering the necessary documents, such as background checks, AML and other forms. We precisely verify broker contracts and licenses, follow up with brokers, BGA’s and Insurance companies to make sure that the licensing and contracting processes are compliant to the regulations of the state.

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1035 Exchange Support Services

We provide 1035 exchange support for policyholders to transfer funds from a life insurance, endowment or annuity to a new policy, without having to pay taxes.

By assisting agents in precisely completing the meticulous documentation, including policy surrender forms, transfer paperwork, and IRS forms, our US insurance support services lower the possibility of processing errors or delays.

We take care of the required documentation and guarantee smooth and effective exchange process. We also help agents provide post-exchange services, such as beneficiary changes and policy modifications, after the exchange is finished.


Policy In-Force Gathering

Finding it hard to keep track of all the details of your clients’ active policies? With insurance policy checking services, we gather all the pertinent details of your active insurance policies such as,

  • Policy Numbers
  • Coverage Types
  • Premium Amounts
  • Any Additional Riders
  • Endorsements

With our policy in-force gathering service, you can easily take charge of your insurance portfolio and make well-informed decisions. All of your policy information is arranged in an easy-to-use style by our in- force policy services, so you can access and review it whenever you need to. After gathering the policy data, we also scrub and update your CRM for further usage.

Why to outsource insurance endorsements processing services to us?

Because we blend uncompromising security with unmatched industry standards


HIPAA Compliance

We stringently adhere to HIPAA standards and every piece of information we receive is handled with the confidentiality and care.



Our seasoned track record speaks it all. With over half a decade in  supportive insurance services, we consistently deliver top-notch services.



Familiar with the latest tools like Smart office, Ipipeline & OneHQ, we ensure that our clients receive services that are ahead of the curve.


Case Drive

Case Drive, our client portal is the backbone of LezDo’s operation, offering an integrated solution for order management, case tracking, billing etc.