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Efficient and secured medical record retrieval solutions, that’s our promise

Medical record retrieval is the secure process of obtaining and organizing a patient’s medical records from various healthcare providers. LezDo conducts medical record retrieval for law firms,  insurance companies, legal professionals, and the healthcare industry. Our team interacts with all pertinent authorities to do the retrieval of medical records at an affordable rate. As the best medical records retrieval company, LezDo handles the complete process of obtaining, copying or scanning, organizing, and delivering your medical records with the highest level of security and quality. We do medical record retrieval for lawyers to ease their legal proceedings in lawsuits.

Our Medical Records Retrieval Solutions Benefits and Features


Team of Experts

As the best medical record review services USA, we have a streamlined records retrieval process from initial ordering to final delivery. Our medical records retrieval service team has over ten years of experience in the medical records retrieval process, and we maintain the SLA to avoid missteps. As a private medical records retrieval center, we guarantee the secure and ready availability of patient information.

Well Organized and Accurate

A typical medical file includes many different records, such as billing information, patient history and physician orders, tests, and treatments, and many other records. To ensure that paralegals and attorneys get the needed information whenever they need it, we arrange, categorize, and even summarize medical records for them.

Complete Workflow Solutions

Retrieval of medical records can be a frustrating process, but not while outsourcing retrieval services to LezDo. Being one of the top medical records retrieval companies in USA, we take care of the entire retrieval process. If your records are incomplete, we follow up with the provider until you have what you need.

Effective Retrieval of Records

Medical chart retrieval solution is quicker and more effective with LezDo than it is with manual approaches by other medical records retrieval companies for lawyers in USA. To enable effective retrieval, we track, maintain, and manage precise information about each provider (such as contact details, appointment hours, retrieval approaches, and record locations).

Error-Free Service

LezDo has the resources to ensure that no errors occur during the retrieval process. The quality control team ensures that all the requested information is in the records, the records are accurate, and legible. If there are any issues with the records, we contact the facility and obtain whatever is needed. Quality makes us one among the top companies doing medical records retrieval for lawyers in the U.S.

Save Time & Cost-effective

Outsourcing medical record retrieval to LezDo can save your firm significant time and cost for record retrieval. Our team of medical records retrieval services services for lawyers takes all the initiatives to locate the documents you require. This includes the proper release of authorization forms, obtaining the records from providers, and uploading the documents to our secure web portal, for your 24/7 access.

Quick Turnaround Time

Outsourcing medical record retrieval can not only improve workflow but also provide a quick medical record retrieval turnaround time which can benefit your business. Utilizing LezDo’s streamlined record retrieval service provides rapid retrieval of medical records, reducing the delay they face in the routine paperworks due to the lack of required medical documents.


We hold transparency as a core principle in our medical chart retrieval services. We ensure clear, open communication throughout the process, allowing our clients to easily track the progress and status of their requests at any time. Through Case Drive, our secure client portal, you may keep track of the entire medical record retrieval process until the records reach your hands.

Advanced Technology

All the records we retrieve are returned digitally with high level OCR to allow for keyword searches in seconds. You can search for multiple words and dates that hyperlink directly to the page of the record for quick determination on your claim. You can examine the records in the medical record retrieval software.

Secure and Safe

Our secure servers and technological framework ensures full HIPAA compliance, protecting records against data breaches and unauthorized access. Clients can get in touch with us directly through our safe online portal system, and track the progress of the medical document retrieval process.

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We Provide Medical Record Retrieval Service For



Insurance Companies & Claim Process

Retrieving medical records is essential for deciding the insurance premium, managing legal liabilities, settling claims, and determining coverage for the clients. When it comes to getting the medical information you need for your claims, we know that time is of the utmost importance. Our team of medical records retrieval for insurance companies extends end-to-end retrieval and reviewing services as per the client’s needs. Also, our HIPAA-compliant interface  streamlines the retrieval procedure and free up your team so they could concentrate on other claim works.

Law Firms, Solo Attorneys, Legal Support Professionals

Medical record retrieval for attorneys and paralegal staffs helps to analyze the medical records & find the potential evidence to support their claim. When it comes to retrieving medical records, nearly every law firm we work with encounters similar challenges. Our HIPAA-compliant medical record retrieval services for law firms are faster, efficient, secure, and simpler to access for paralegals and legal staff. we complete record retrieval quicker than other medical record retrieval companies for lawyers.

Healthcare Facilities/Providers

Healthcare providers and hospitals must have an effective medical record system and require efficient and the best medical records request companies. As one of the best records retrieval companies in the USA, we make sure they have access to the required clinical information to create a treatment plan for your patients. We offer tailored medical records retrieval service for claims, enabling the clients to provide appropriate treatment on time.The referred patient records will be delivered to the EMR within 5-7 days.

Our Medical Record Retrieval Process

We retrieve all your missing records, leaving no stones unturned


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Submit Your Order

Submit your request for record retrieval along with information about the patient and the provider. The requester is required to fill out the necessary paperwork and sign a HIPAA-compliant authorization stating that their records can be released.

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Request Your Order

The process of retrieving medical records starts after the medical information and provider information have been gathered. Our team submit requests with the HIPAA form to healthcare facility, release of information, or Medical Record Department.

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Followup Process

Once our team locates the medical records at the correct facility, we make follow-up calls to know the expected time of arrival of the records. Sometimes this involves calling around to multiple facilities/offices to find out where exactly your records are located.

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Retrieval of Medical Records

When the records are prepared, we either scan the records onsite at the facility or have them sent to us via fax or mail, based on the facility’s preference. Additionally, we ensure to settle the required fees at the time of record collection.

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Quality Control

We offer streamlined healthcare record retrieval where our quality control team reviews your records to ensure that all the requested information is in the records, and the records are accurate. If there is any missing information or issues with the records, we contact the facility and obtain whatever is needed.

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Record Delivery

Received medical records will be converted to a format preferred by the client, which includes PDF, TIFF, image, and OCR formats. The final product will be uploaded to our secure web portal, and the client will receive an email once the records are ready.

Fast and Reliable Medical Record Retrieval Services

As a top medical record retrieval company, LezDo provides specialized medical record retrieval services to meet the specific needs of attorneys, physicians, and insurance companies. Our medical record retrieval specialists are skilled at obtaining medical records from medical facilities in compliance with laws and regulations. Our expert team prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your medical records, following strict privacy protocols to protect patient data. Our service provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients within the stipulated time. Working with our experienced team can significantly reduce your burden and save you valuable time and effort.

Why Outsource Medical Record Retrieval 

Service to LezDo?


We are one among the top medical records retrieval specialists for law firms and insurance companies that seek expedited services at an affordable rate. As the best record retrieval company, we use cutting-edge techniques and technology to assist personnel in streamlining their medical record collection procedures.

As renowned medical record review services USA, our dedication to excellence is reflected in every task we undertake, delivering results that outshine the rest. Entrust us with your medical record retrieval needs, and experience the unrivaled quality of outcomes that we promise to deliver.

LezDo is one of the best medical records outsourcing companies, specialized in medical record review & retrieval for mass tort and personal injury. We ensure that every record is safely retrieved to strengthen your case and achieve the justice your clients deserve.

High Retrieval Success Rate

Our experience retrieval team carefully obtains the relevant authorization, comprehends the nature of the request, and gathers the essential medical records. We follow up with the provider until you have what you need

Certified and Compliant Solutions

We have uncompromised data security policies to comply with HIPAA & ISO standards. We prioritize security, so your records are safe with us

Scalable Solutions

In the session of bulk volume request, we immediately scale our operations without compromising the calibre of our quality work or turnaround time

24/7 Customer Support

Customer can contact us by phone, email, or webesolved more quickly. We respond to issues around-the-clock

Record Review Service

We not only retrieve medical records, but we also have a specialized team for medical record review to the attorneys, legal professionals, physicians, and insurance companies

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Medical Records We Retrieve

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Traffic Collision Reports

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Emergency Department Records

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Physician Progress Notes

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Therapy & Operative Notes

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Medication Records

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Billing Records

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Physician Order Notes

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Pathology Reports

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Social Security Records

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Insurance Records

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Certified Documents

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Employment Records

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Worker Compensation Records

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Priority Requests

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Ambulance Records

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Military Records

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Affidavits Documents

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Cell Phone Records

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Radiology Reports

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Deposition Records

Our Areas of Focus

At the heart of LezDo TechMed’s medical record retrieval services is a commitment to speed and accuracy. We prioritize prompt retrieval without compromising the privacy and confidentiality of the records. LezDo is one among the top medical chart retrieval companies with client-centered approach in mass tort records retrieval and much more. We provide customization and flexibility, adapting to the unique needs and preferences of healthcare providers and legal professionals alike.

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Personal Injury

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Product Liability

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Medical Malpractice

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Disability & Workers Compensation

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Mass Tort

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Nursing Home Injury & Abuse