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Medical Record Reviewing- The Evolving Journey of LezDo TechMed

by | May 22, 2024 | Medical Record Review

After an accident or injury, you should take action to defend your legal rights, which may raise several general inquiries regarding filing a personal injury claim. Personal injury litigation is the process of filing a lawsuit in order to get financial compensation for economic losses.

When you file a lawsuit in a personal injury case, it signifies that you and the defendant who harmed you could not reach an amicable settlement out of the court.

How much is your claim worth? No two personal injury claims will have the same value or compensation amount. The damages that are ultimately awarded are based on a variety of factors that are unique to each case.

Your personal injury attorney will try to present evidence demonstrating the full extent of your injuries and how they have affected your life. This would ensure that you receive a deserving compensation at the end of the legal battle. The more serious your injuries and disabilities are, your lawyer will build a strong claim, reflecting the adverse impact of the subject injuries in your future life.

How do you mirror the damages you sustained in a mishap and claim them?

In this blog, we discuss a vital element in a personal injury lawsuit, medical record reviewing and outsourcing medical record reviews.

Role of medical records in a personal injury lawsuit

In any personal injury claim, the burden of proof rests with the injured person to establish that the subject accident caused actual, reimbursable damages. Medical records come into play to prove that the injuries are the aftermaths of the current mishap and were not pre-existing.

For a plaintiff to establish the existence, cause, nature, and extent of an injury, medical records are required to bag the proper settlement in the claim. Medical records do the job by echoing every minute detail regarding the damage, starting from the EMR admission.

The medical records clearly mention a timeline of the general prognosis, physical and mental pain, treatment history, and recovery period. The court uses the medical data to assess how much the injury has damaged the claimant.

According to current estimates in the healthcare industry, a single patient produces nearly 80 gigabytes of imaging and electronic medical record (EMR) data annually. This data about the medical records of a patient in the United States indicates the bulkiness of medical charts pertaining to a patient.

How are these bulky medical records analyzed in a claim?

How is the relevant medical data cherry-picked?

The response to the above queries is the same. Analyzing the medical records for a personal injury litigation is conducted through the medical record review process. The entire medical record would be tedious and time-consuming to review when an injury claim is made. In this instance, a review of medical records helps the lawyers reach a more transparent and precise conclusion.

What is medical record review and analysis?

The process of reviewing and analyzing the hefty medical records of a claimant and picking only the data relevant to the subject injury claim is called medical records review. Medical chart reviewing is carried out by a team of medical experts recruited by the plaintiff or attorney. Before compiling a report on the care given, the committee reviews all pertinent paperwork, including medical records and other data about the subject litigation.

The process of reviewing and analyzing medical records includes several steps.

  • Retrieval of the medical records
  • Sorting and organizing records
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Making a patient chronology or timeline
  • developing a summary of a medical record
  • Finding the missing data

When dealing with medical jargon, lawyers may miss facts or need clarification due to disorganized medical records. A medical chart review that is ordered chronologically makes it simple to understand and examine all the data. Medical reports are used as factual evidence in cases involving personal harm, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, etc.

Medical records and bills are often critical pieces of evidence used to determine damages in personal injury lawsuits. While evaluating the injury claims, this would be advantageous to both the plaintiff’s attorney and the insurance claim adjusters.

Valid medical record reviews are essential in a claim for demonstrating both economic and non-economic damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress, and the aggravation of earlier ailments.

The most frequent defense used by the defendant in a personal injury case is that the plaintiff had a pre-existing condition that may have increased the cost of treating the damage at issue. An experienced medical chart examination could quickly disprove the arguments of the defendant side.

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LezDo TechMed- The Expert Medical Record Review Company

Medical chart reviewing outsourced to an expert medical record review outsourcing company helps the lawyers to grab quality medical record review reports within a short time. Outsourcing the review process to top-notch medical record review companies allows attorneys to find more time to work on developing a strong case.

Compiled by nurses, medical professionals, and legal nurse consultants under secured and safe working platforms, these reports highlight the most crucial information required for an injury claim. Additionally, outsourcing assists you in reducing the time and expenses necessary to review the voluminous medical records of a plaintiff.

When compared to internal medical record review, outsourcing the medical review services will be less expensive. Additionally, rather than paying the legal team a flat monthly wage, outsourcing expenses for medical review companies will be depending on the medical data to be evaluated.

With years of experience serving the medical, legal, and insurance sectors, LezDo TechMed is the top-rated medical record review firm in the U.S. Providing precise and quality services within a budget-friendly cost, LezDo serves the eminent attorneys, paralegals, QMEs, and IMEs.

LezDo serves hundreds of consistent clients with superior medical record reviews constructed following HIPAA compliance. The expert-crafted medical record reviews of LezDo TechMed are subjected to a three-tier quality audit process to ensure quality and precision. LezDo’s signature has always been the timely delivery of the review reports without compromising accuracy and quality.

After shouldering thousands of personal injury claims, LezDo had revamped its prestigious brand to the next level. The organization had come up with a total refurbishment of the website, which includes CaseDrive, the client portal, sample downloads, contact form, and much more.

How is LezDo evolving in medical record reviewing?

LezDo TechMed’s motive has always been client satisfaction without overlooking the strengths and emotions of its team. The organization had rebranded, ensuring the motto is accomplished with more value and excellence. The informative resources like blogs and newsletters crafted by LezDo loads the readers with more updates on the medico-legal arena.

Introducing wallet-friendly review packages and free add-on services, LezDo delivers unimaginable services to its clientele. LezDo has also stepped into AI document review, providing the top-notch AI record reviews to the clients.

Revamping itself in every possible vertical, LezDo TechMed had reached clientele across the United States with more innovations and packages. The experience LezDo has gained, being involved in umpteen complicated personal injury litigations and the consistent quality makes the firm stand out in the record review industry.

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