Medical Record Review

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What is medical record review?

Medical record review is the methodical process of gathering and examining a person’s medical information to gain a complete understanding of their health history. This precise medical analysis is crucial in healthcare, legal, and insurance sectors.

An accurate review can reveal flaws and discrepancies in medical documentation, as well as give hints of medical negligence. This information can be invaluable for legal professionals seeking to substantiate their claims. A comprehensive and chronological medical record review for law firms can save the time and cost of attorneys and expedite the legal proceedings.

​Through a thorough review, an expert can pinpoint the past illnesses, treatments, accidents or impacts, the severity of injuries, treatment plans, medications, and prognosis and also ascertain the extent of medical expenses incurred. It can serve as a valuable tool for insurance providers in evaluating an individual’s insurability or identify the reasonableness of treatments received and associated medical expenses.

Challenges Attorneys Face in Medical Record Review

Undertaking medical record review for any personal injury claim can be challenging for the attorneys. In complicated medical legal claims with severe injuries, extensive treatments under multiple providers and stacks of medical records and bills, attorneys cannot handle the medical record reviews that easily.

Experts in medical records reviews identify certain factors as the most important challenges the attorneys face. To know the challenges in medical record review, view the video here.

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What’s the solution for Medical Record Review?

The only solution to overcome these challenges is outsourcing the medical records review for attorneys and law firms. If attorneys use their in-house team to review, they have to invest on the infrastructure, expense for employing paralegals and giving other benefits to them. If the staff is not proficient in medical and legal fields, the outcome will not be fruitful.


Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Record Review

Expert Resources: By outsourcing medical chart review for law firms, you gain access to a pool of expert resources ready to handle the complexities of medical record review, leaving no room for errors or oversights.

Time Efficiency: With the burden of medical record analysis lifted from your shoulders, you can focus your precious time and energy on core legal proceedings, while the experts efficiently handle the data-driven legwork.

Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing often proves to be a cost-effective strategy, as it eliminates the need for in-house infrastructure and staff training, enabling you to allocate your budget more sensibly.

Work Transparency: Outsourcing medical record review partners often provide detailed progress reports, ensuring complete transparency in the review process and allowing you to closely monitor the status of your medical records.

Stringent Data Security: Entrusting your medical record review to established outsourcing firms means benefiting from their robust data security measures, safeguarding patient information against potential breaches.

Advanced Technology: Outsourcing companies reviewing medical records for attorneys often employ latest technology and software to enhance the accuracy and speed of medical record reviews and safe data delivery.

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