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Deposition Summary


A deposition summary is an objective and condensed version of clerical summary of the main points in a deposition transcript. Deposition summary services identify important points in the deposition by page and line. It stands out as one of the most important litigation tools. Page-Line Deposition summaries are formatted to include columns for (a) page-line; (b) exhibit; and (c) summary of testimony. The transcript to Page-Line deposition summary ratio is approximately 10:1 page. By extracting complex deposition testimony into deposition summaries, LezDo techmed can save law firm’s time and money during litigation. We also create a well-articulated snapshot of the important aspects of the case as a part of our deposition summary services.

Deposition testimonies can range from 50 to 100s of pages. Flipping back and forth of those pages are time consuming. At LezDo techmed, we deliver accurate, rich, easy to read and reliable summary of deposition. Our deposition summary team has the necessary expertise and a good command over English writing skills, which enables us to provide well-analyzed depo summary transcripts. You can choose from different summary types of depositions.

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Features of Our Deposition Summaries Services

Our summaries are drafted by skilled professionals who understand and have experience in both medical and legal fields. The deposition summary example can be an apt epitome of this. As a deposition summary service, LezDo techmed never compromises on quality. Download legal deposition summary sample to experience the expertise.

As we receive deposition testimony, the deposition summary team acts swiftly to review and extract the key points into a deposition digest. Our deposition abstracts are proofread and quality audited for consistency.

Utilizing deposition summaries for litigations such as personal injury and workers’ compensation can provide the information your firm needs quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively.

Focused areas of Deposition Summary

Key notes of Our Deposition Summary

  • Comprehensive and well-designed deposition abstracts
  • Topic-by-Topic Summaries and Page-Line summaries
  • Customized and tailored deposition summary template &  deposition formats
  • Quick turn-around time and cost-effective
  • Highly experienced and qualified professionals
  • Expedited & weekend services available
  • Ability to handle high-volume projects
  • Secure file delivery via secured cloud drives

Our team of Deposition Summary

Digesting a deposition needs expertise. Our team of experts is trained to condense deposition testimony into a summary that meets the requirements and needs – from page-line to topic-by-topic summaries. You can expect customized and tailored deposition formats to fit your needs, which will make the summaries a practical and invaluable litigation asset.

As one of the cream of the crop deposition summary services, LezDo never misses out any vital facts in your depositions. We value each of your case as unique and understand the case focus while drafting deposition summaries.

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Have a look at our example deposition summary templates to know more

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Deposition Summary


Our Topic-by-Topic Summaries organize the deposition testimony into specific, pre-determined titles of choice pertaining to the case or examination. These summaries are much useful for gaining a recap of the testimony. Especially, for presenting accident facts to claims adjusters, preparing for workers’ compensation examinations, and/or writing reports of patients or accidents. Our topic-by-topic summary sample below will guide you through.

The important deposition facts in the transcripts are digested with care and presented by appropriate topics to ease the navigation in search of details. Perusing through the topics alone will help the attorneys detect the detail they look for.

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Deposition Summary


Our page-line deposition summaries provide context to inconclusive testimony in the form of topic titles. These summaries are very much useful for easily navigating deposition transcripts and gaining an understanding of the entire testimony and facts. Experience that in our page line deposition summary sample.

Our summary of page-line deposition templates helps you to identify the vital facts in particular page and line. It helps you navigate back to the particular line in the transcripts if you have to quote the original location.

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