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Medical opinion in a lawsuit is the second medical opinion provided by a qualified healthcare provider regarding injury or illness causation, negligence, wrongful treatments, current health status, and disabilities. At LezDo, we offer a detailed medical record chronology review along with an expert medical advice based on the available evidence and the best probabilities.  We also offer second opinions by engaging more than one second medical opinion expert for an alternative assessment of diagnoses or treatment methods, depending on the specifics of the case. Our independent medical opinion doctors can efficiently provide objective second medical opinions to enforce the claims. Our medical record review services USA provides first-quality medical opinions that never necessitate another second opinion.

Features of Our Medical Opinion

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Case Screening

Our medical second opinion experts determine whether the standard of treatment given to a claimant involved any instances of medical malpractice. They assess if there was a definitive relationship between negligence and the claimant’s physical injuries.

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Causation Analysis

Our medical experts review the medical records and find out the cause of the injury or illness, and the condition worsening factor. This helps to determine if the evidence in the medical records is sufficient to make a personal injury claim.

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Discover Wrong/Delayed Diagnosis

A wrong diagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a medical condition leads to incorrect treatment or delayed treatment. Our experts analyze whether treating physicians reviewed all the medical histories, symptoms and other facts before diagnosing.

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Discover Medical Negligence

Being one of the top medical second opinion companies, we carefully consider all evidence of medical negligence before confirming the analysis. We also determine whether the negligence resulted in an avoidable injury. This helps us frame a strong medical opinion for your case.

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Differential Diagnosis Analysis

Our experts provide medical opinion for a differential diagnosis based on the facts from the medical history, physical examination, lab reports, diagnostic tests, and any other injury-related information.

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Alternate Treatment Option

Our experts examine the claimant’s medical history, diagnostic studies, and symptoms before recommending a course of treatment. Also, our expertise proves that a correct diagnosis or alternative treatment would not have caused the injury or illness.

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Disability Assessment

Our medical expert review team analyzes all of the medical findings and other evidence that support a medical source’s statement that the claimant is disabled. Our experts point out limitations that might make it difficult or impossible for the claimant to do certain activities.

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Decision Making

Our expert medical opinion offers answers to claimant’s questions, helps them understand the options, and decide whether to proceed with a potentially risky treatment. This helps them to restore confidence that the recommended treatment plan is appropriate for their injury.

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Medical Literature Review

Our medical review team gives a second medical opinion based on the available evidence from the medical literature. Our experts enclose the literature for non-standard medical practices that had led to the injury or illness.

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Obtain Strong Opinion

As one of the best expert medical opinion services, we provide medical chronology along with an expert opinion based on an evidence-based review. Also, we will ensure that the opinions are comprehensive, consistent, and accurate.

Expert Medical Opinions 


Case Merit Screening & Record Review by LPN


Expert Medical Opinion by MD/Speciality Physician


Question & Answer Format of Medical Opinion


Medical Opinion Along with Literature Review

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Looking for Reliable Expert Medical Opinions?

Look no further, LezDo holds a team of skilled medical document reviewers to review any complicated medical history records. LezDo TechMed provides medical document review for law firms by carefully analyzing every piece of medical evidence for the best case outcomes. We conduct extensive patient chart reviews and investigate deep into each case, ensuring every detail is considered when forming an expert medical opinion.

We are one among the top medical peer review companies in the US, conducting peer review to evaluate the credibility of the medical care given to the claimant. Through extensive medical records cum review, our expert physicians decide the suitability of the medical care provided in the subject case. We satisfy our clients with expert medical reviews and best medical opinions that meet and exceed industry standards.

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We Offer Medical Opinion in the Following Areas

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a claimant is harmed as a result of a medical provider’s acts or inactions. Proving medical malpractice is a highly complex process, as the medical provider or facility may not disclose mistakes made by them. However, our experts will review the medical records and provide an unbiased expert medical opinion for medical malpractice cases that will help claimants to prove liability.

Disability Claim

If someone feels that their medical records do not provide as much evidence to support their claim for disability, our expert medical opinions service may be able to prove their disability through evidence from the medical records. We consider the medical legal opinions of one or more medical experts as it provides more medical evidence of the patient claimed condition or disability.

Work Related Injury

Injured workers cannot hope to receive workers compensation benefits for their injury unless they can prove the severity of their condition. An expert medical opinion can easily do that. By providing a detailed medical expert report of the claimant’s injuries, an expert opinion can show how severe the claimant’s condition is and the kind of effect it has had on their ability to work. Additionally, an expert medical opinion can help prove that the claimant’s job or workplace caused injuries.


Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Identifying a nursing home abuse is sometimes obvious when a victim has visible injuries such as bed sores, but often it can be more difficult. Being medical opinion leaders, our medical opinion can help claimants determine if a nursing home facility or any of the facility’s employees are liable for claimant’s injuries, illnesses, wrongful deaths, or care neglect. This can help to pursue a strong nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Personal Injury

Medical expert is the one who determines the claimant’s accident-related injuries and, more importantly, what the future holds for the claimant (the prognosis). Our second medical opinion will improve the strength of the personal injury claim. Also, our medical experts highlight medical issues of which the claimant was previously unaware.

Discover Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Getting a medical opinion would provide the claimant with more information regarding their condition and help them better determine their next step. This can make sure that the claimant is on the right path, which is exactly what a medical opinion does. Also, treating physicians may also need our medical expertise to pinpoint the precise issue and available options for treatment when dealing with complex diseases.

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How to strengthen your case with expert medical opinions?

We are here for you. Our highly efficacious, and convincing medical opinion from experts can substantiate the damages or injuries claimed ensued from the subject occurrence.

Key Points of Medical Opinion

Case Screening

Get your cases merit-screened by medical review services like us to discern the validity of the claim. We dissect the details to know, if it can be supported by documents.

Expert Medical Opinion

Our medical review forms an all-inclusive, valid and crisp expert medical opinion that can clearly guide the attorneys to know the validity of the claim and the winning methods.

Literature Review

Our medical expert opinions are endorsed with credible medical literature review to prove that the medical malpractice occurred when the providers deviated from the standard care.

In-depth Medical Record Review

A meticulous medical record review leaves no stones unturned. Our scrupulous medical review process ensures a comprehensive report to prove our medical opinion.

Causation Analysis

Our medical review team sifts through the medical records to probe into the causation of injuries and proves that it is generated by the occurrence with documents.

Analysis of the Claim’s Strength & Weakness

A comprehensive perusal of the medical records can pin point the strengths and shortcomings of the claim. Get the same in our medical expert opinions.

Evidence-Based Review

Our expert medical opinions are not randomly made. Our medical record review sample vouches that our medical opinions can be well substantiated by the documents.

Attaching Supporting Documents

Every medical opinion should be authenticated with supporting documents. Avail tour expert medical opinions with tracked down data from the medical documents

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Know the Experience of Our Medical Opinion Experts

Our medical opinion experts have vast experience and expertise in various medical fields. With years of experience in their respective fields, they have fine-tuned their skills to provide flawless and comprehensive medical opinions on a wide range of medical issues. Our experts are from diverse backgrounds such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, oncology, neurology, orthopedics and so on. Making use of their vast experience and understanding of complex health conditions, they deliver nuanced and evidence-based medical opinions that patients, attorneys or even juries can trust. Whether it is offering expert opinions on diagnoses, treatment plans or second opinions, our team is dedicated to provide high quality expert medical advices tailored to each individual case. Just send in your medical opinion form and find how qualified we are!

We Offer Medical Opinion for the Following Injuries or Events

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Medical Malpractice

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Wrongful Deaths

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Surgical Errors

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Surgical Complications

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Work Injuries

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Social Security Disability

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Medical Negligence

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Head Injuries

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Spinal Injuries

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Orthopaedic Injuries & Fractures

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Nursing Home Bedsores

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Nursing Home Injuries

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Slip and Falls

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Cancer Treatments

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Stroke Resulting in Permanent Symptoms

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Kidney Failure with Dialysis

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Major Organ Transplants

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Bone Marrow Transplants

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Hip/Knee Replacements

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Total Blindness

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Major Burns

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Multiple Sclerosis with Persisting Symptoms

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Delayed Diagnosis

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Alternative Treatment Options

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Drug Side Effects

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Nursing Home Abuse

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Physical & Psychological Abuse

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Other Accidents/Personal Injuries

Our Areas of Focus

Trust in LezDo TechMed for precision-driven expert medical opinions. Our expert physicians and medical professionals dive deep into every case, ensuring each opinion is thorough, accurate and backed by their vast medical knowledge. Experience the LezDo difference – where expertise meets precision in delivering unparalleled medical opinions.

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Personal Injury

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Product Liability

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Medical Malpractice

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Disability & Workers Compensation

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Mass Tort

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Nursing Home Injury & Abuse