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We offer customized medical chart review services as per your requirements. We prepare medical chart review for law firms, spotlighting the important findings that demands attention for further analysis.

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Medical Chart Review Services

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Personal Injury Attorneys

We have all these steamy Medical Record Chart Review Services awaiting you! Our legal nurse consultant reviews would be a perfect partner in winning your lawsuits.

Medical Chart Review Services

Medical Chronology & Timelines

We, the medical chart review companies tailor orderly and concise summaries from your physician chart reviews. You can quickly navigate and glide through it.

Medical Chart Review Services

Deposition Summary

We dissect your testimonies with utmost care to give you a crunchy summary. You can get it topic-by-topic and page-line.

Medical Chart Review Services

Narrative Summary

We narrate medical events from your medical charts. You can save your time, effort, and money.

Medical Chart Review Services

Demand Letters

LezDo’s expertise helps in detailing the strongest argument to speed-up the settlement process.

We have got six MORE

medical record review for medical malpractice

Treatment Timeline

Get a graphical representation of a chronological sequence in medical events.

medical record review for medical malpractice


Get bookmarked Medical Records to fetch facts at your fingertips.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Missing Record Identification

Worry not about missing medical records, we identify the missed ones for you.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Hotlinks or Hyperlinks

Navigate between the summary and Medical Records with a single click.

medical record review for medical malpractice

PDF Sorting or Indexing

Do you want the shuffled pages a cakewalk? Here are we, to sort and index your records.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Pain and Suffering Chart

Grab the interactive chart to best describe the pain, sufferings, and damages.

Why pick us?

Spawned by a well built crew of medical experts

LezDo techmed serves personal injury attorneys, life care planners, insurance companies, QMEs, and IMEs with our high-class physician chart reviews. Our legal nurse consultant reviews operate on high-quality output & customer service, which makes us recognized as the best in the field year after year…

Our legal nurse consultant reviews would definitely be a step ahead of your template-based traditional summaries. Client satisfaction has always been our key focus.

 Our well-organized medical chart analysis and medical chart review for law firms would help them win the lawsuits like a piece of cake.

Medical Expertise

We have a bunch of medical chart review nurses.

Quick Delivery

We value your time and the deadlines!

Safe & Secured

We are HIPAA compliant with ISO standards.

24*7 Support

We are at your service round-the-clock. 

We understand your needs better!


How do you charge for your medical chart review services?

For standard summaries, we offer a very reasonable starting price of $25 per hour. You can pay us through PayPal, Check or bank transfer at your convenience.

How many pages your employees would summarize in an hour?

We would summarize approximately 30 pages per hour for medical chronology and narrative summaries. For deposition summaries, it would be approximately 15 pages per hour.

Mass tort screenings can be done 100 pages per hour. To review flow sheets, forms, etc, we would complete 200 pages in an hour. Yeah, the legibility, complexity, and quality of your medical record can alter the billable hours.

Sample billing:

Medical Chart Review Services

Do you follow a template for the medical record review and analysis?

We treat each case as a new one. We do have templates, but our review reports would be custom-made as per the requirement of each client.

Do you provide an estimated cost before starting the medical chart review process?

After sorting and indexing, we would come up with an estimate of the final cost. Upon your confirmation, we would initiate the process.

Do we have to pay extra for the hyperlinking in your medical record reviews?

We don’t charge you for the icing on the cake. Hyperlink would be absolutely free for you.

What about your billing cycle?

Initially, you will be billed after the delivery of summaries. Once you become our recurring customer, we would invoice you on a monthly basis.

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