At the time attorneys are in the need of chart review for personal injury or medical malpractice or any other cases that involve voluminous medical records, they will look for legal nurse consultants or medical record review companies. The role of the Legal Nurse Consultant is to develop expert testimony to support defence theories regarding the standard of care and causation. In addition to that, legal nurse consultants helping the attorneys by taking care of all the medical record related task.

Here are the 5 ways Legal Nurse Consultant can help Attorneys:

  1. Retrieving relevant medical records:
    As a preliminary step, the legal nurse consultant will identify the relevant medical records for each case. They will segregate the medical records by healthcare facilities and healthcare providers.

    While analyzing the medical records, additional relevant healthcare providers may be identified within the records. And the records will be looked for any missing of pertinent health information. These missing records will be requested if required. 

    As the healthcare industry is backed by HIPPA regulations, the applicant needs to sign an authorization for releasing the medical records.

  2. Medical Record Sorting and Indexing:
    The second step after receiving the medical records is to organize them in a chronological manner or provider wise manner. Also, they will conduct an audit if the record request is complete.

    Bookmarking the records and/or bates stamping is the next step in sorting the medical records. Bates stamping is annotating the documents by alphanumeric characters signifying healthcare provider or facility from where the records received. 

    Medical record sorting and indexing help to identify missing records and it will help to analyze the flow of events.

  3. Medical Chart Review:
    The review of medical records would generally focus on known facts in the case and also other areas of concern. Along with the chart review, a medical chronology and/or timeline also completed.

    A raw medical record would contain flow sheets, forms, and other non-pertinent data as well. While reviewing, only the information applicable to the claim would be included in the summary. A skilled legal nurse consultant can easily fetch the information that is very vital to the case.

    Importantly, during the initial analysis, missing records, potentially fraudulent records will be noted and listed. These records will be requested for the second round of review.

    An expert legal nurse consultant can quickly look for missing records that may be potentially needed in that case.

  4. Identifying expert for medical opinion:
    The right medical expert opinion is very vital to strengthen any personal injury or medical malpractice case. Legal nurse consultants help injury attorneys in determining the speciality of expert needed for that case. Also, she will help in finding an experienced and qualified medical expert to provide an opinion.

    Legal nurse consultants must be more familiar with state-specific legal requirements as the requirements changes from state to state.

  5. Assist with preparation of trail:
    Legal nurse consultants helping the attorneys in preparing fact sheets, exhibits like treatment timelines, pain and suffering charts, medical chronologies etc.,

    Also, they can help in drafting questions to use during testimonies, depositions and interviews.

Final thoughts

Legal nurse consultants and medical record review companies provide helpful solutions for attorneys in medical litigations. They serve wide practice areas such as workers compensation, medical malpractice, personal injury, toxic tort and mass tort. The complex medical terminologies can be made simple by the expert legal nurse consultant and medical record review companies so that the legal team can understand the medical facts practically and effectively.