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Beauty salon injuries- The bitter realities

by | May 22, 2024 | Personal Injury

Do you believe me when I say that beauty salons are the most prevalent venues for bodily injuries?

Yeah! The bitter fact is that many people who engage in salon activities to maintain their beauty suffer from beauty salon injuries.

The sad thing is that they are not even aware of what to do after enduring the injury…

Are you among those who are wondering what to do after experiencing beauty salon injuries? If yes, you are at the right site. This blog is for you.

You have the right to receive adequate service from the employee when you visit a beauty salon. They have a responsibility to keep you secure in a healthy setting.

Employees at beauty salons are required to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines and possess a current state license.

If a beauty salon and its staff violate these requirements, the injured party may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages.

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Kindly go through the entire blog to understand your rights better and also to know how medical records are crucial in your lawsuit against beauty salon injuries.

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Let me explain everything you need to know about beauty salon injuries.

Beauty salon injuries

Any accidents or injuries that occurred at a beauty salon and was not your fault is referred to as a beauty salon injuries.

The beauty sector includes a wide variety of services, such as skin piercing, body art, lip fillers, spray tanning, laser skin treatments, botox, spas, hair salons, nail bars, minor cosmetic surgeries, and microdermabrasion.

As the statistics mentioned below, beauty salon injuries are extremely prevalent when performing these services.

Beauty salon injuries statistics

  • At least one salon-related job injury has been experienced by more than 70% of employees in the beauty sector.
  • The majority of claims for beauty injury treatment are due to the negligence of the beauty treatment employees.
  • Waxing burns are one of the most prevalent types of beauty treatment injuries.
  • When salon employees follow basic safety procedures, nearly all beauty salon injuries are entirely preventable.

Common beauty salon injuries

Slip and fall accidents

The floor must be cleaned immediately of any slippery substances, such as cut hair, spilled hair products, and so on.

Salons may face legal consequences if they are not cautious and someone gets injured as a result.

Burn injuries

When heated excessively or improperly, hairdryers, curling irons, wax, and even nail-drying tools can reach temperatures hot enough to result in severe burns.

Even some of the chemicals used in salons can potentially leave you with serious second-degree burns, if not worse.


Infections can happen when salons are careless with cleaning chemicals and maintaining cleanliness.

Infections are more likely to happen when the skin is pulled back and perhaps sliced during manicures and pedicures.

Due to the potential for skin torn or injured during the waxing procedure, which puts the client at risk for illness, waxing has also been connected to infections.

Lacerations, cuts, and disfigurement

Professionals in the salon industry work with harsh chemicals, scissors, and other cutting tools. Beauty salon accidents can be caused by incorrect use of the tools and equipment in a salon.

Head injuries caused by falling equipment

If the salon is not carefully maintained to ensure that all equipment is safe, heavy lights, light fixtures, ceiling tiles, mirrors, and dryers might fall and cause injury.

Beauty parlor strokes

Iatrogenic arterial damage, a very uncommon ailment, happens when a patient’s neck is stretched back during a cosmetic procedure. This typically occurs when hair is washed in a sink before getting a haircut.

When the neck is overextended, vertebrae can cut into an artery, leading to blood clots in the brain and even strokes. Slurred speech and tingling in the neck region are typical signs.

If sinks and seats are set up correctly, clients won’t have to bend their necks too far, which will prevent damage.

Who is liable for beauty salon injuries?

If the beauty salon negligence was the reason for your injuries, they must be liable. You must demonstrate the defendant’s negligence, as in any personal injury claim.

In these situations, you must demonstrate that the beauty shop owed you a duty and broke it. For instance, a beauty parlor must ensure you won’t get cut by a hairdresser who isn’t paying attention.

Beauty salon owners must ensure that their goods are safe to use. In the event that a beauty salon’s negligence caused you harm, you are entitled to financial compensation.

What to do after beauty salon injuries?

You might pursue a claim if you were wounded at a beauty shop. Customers must also take specific steps to protect their legal rights. For example, if you were hurt in a beauty salon, you should:

Take pictures and make notes– You should make detailed records of the occurrence and your beauty salon injuries. Take pictures of the damage you sustained and carefully note what occurred.

Seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer– You should speak with an expert attorney about your circumstances before taking any actions that might compromise your legal rights.

Seek medical attention straight away– Getting help right away is crucial for preserving your health and legal rights. Visiting a doctor as soon as possible helps lower the chance of long-term issues with burns and many other forms of beauty salon accidents.

Do not worry about the beauty salon– You shouldn’t be concerned if you’re afraid that holding the beauty shop accountable would cause it to go out of business. Reputable businesses have liability insurance designed to handle circumstances like yours.

Refuse to accept responsibility for your beauty salon injuries- The salon may attempt to impose responsibility on you by claiming, for instance, that you pulled away from or distracted your stylist.

Refuse to accept a complimentary service or an apology as a conclusive resolution– The beauty parlor could offer you favorable treatment or an apology instead of criticizing you. You shouldn’t take this as a definitive outcome if it occurs.

What kind of beauty treatment accident compensation will I likely get for my beauty treatment injury?

Your injuries from the beauty shop and how they have affected your life are specific to you. There are two elements to your prospective damage claim:

  • General damages include ongoing medical issues, mental distress, and pain from physical injuries in a beauty salon.
  • Special damages for monetary loss include loss of income or earning potential, medical charges, care and support, rehabilitation costs, and prescription costs.

Is there any compensation settled in beauty salon injuries lawsuits?


After undergoing a pedicure at a nail salon, a woman from Washington developed an MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection on her left toe.

She claimed that her manicurist showered her foot in a poisonous foot wash and used a contaminated instrument to scrape off her calluses.

The lady filed a lawsuit against the salon owner for failing to teach the manicurist. The jury awarded $23,970 for injuries.

Arkansas, 2019

A woman from Arkansas fell to the concrete floor after slipping on the salon’s entry map.

The fall caused her to have knee, head, and hip injuries. She and her spouse filed a lawsuit for negligence at the spa.

The salon accepted responsibility. The jury gave the lady a $10,000 verdict.

Georgia, 2019 

A Georgia woman got a pedicure at a nail shop. She stated that the place was to blame for an intensified chronic fungal illness and a bacterial infection.

The jury gave her $6,000 after a four-day trial.

Maryland, 2010

For nail care, a Maryland woman visits a salon. She is instructed to put her hands into a hot wax warmer by an employee.

An exposed wire ignites the chemical when the employee adjusts the warmer. The plaintiff sustains severe burns as a result of the ensuing fires.

She sued the salon and obtained a $1,000,000 settlement.

Virginia, 2010

A 14-year-old girl from Virginia visits the salon to have her hair highlighted. The hairdresser neglects to test a small section of the girl’s hair with the hair color product before beginning the procedure.

When the hairdresser dries the girl’s hair, she experiences burning. She shares hair burns and needs plastic surgery to restore her scalp.

She sued the salon, and the jury awarded a $20,000 settlement.

Maryland, 2009

The plaintiff’s foot was gouged when she got a pedicure and felt great pain. The pedicurist had partially sliced the plaintiff’s heel, who had used an unauthorized razor.

The salon owner is sued by the plaintiff, who claims she knew the pedicurist had no license when she recruited him.

Her $20,085 verdict includes $20,000 for pain and suffering.

Maryland, 2006

Plaintiff gets a pedicure at a nail parlor. During the pedicure, a credo blade cuts her toe, resulting in blood.

She sought HIV/AIDS testing for 16 months because she thought the blade could be contaminated and said it was stored in a crayon box.

The salon asserts that the testing was the consequence of paranoia and that there was never any risk of her catching AIDS.

Regardless, the jury awarded her $227,267.


Common FAQ’s on beauty salon injuries:

Am I eligible to receive fair compensation?

Yes, you can receive fair compensation if you prove that your beauty salon injuries are caused by the negligence of your beauty salon employee.

Make your medical records error-free, which will be the evidence of how the beauty parlour injury affects you, and depending upon the harm you suffered, you can receive compensation.

Can i sue a nail salon for infection?

Yes, if you believe that your nail infection is due to the negligence of your nail salon, you can sue your nail salon with proper evidence.

Can you sue for waxing burns?

Yes, if you are able to prove that your beautician’s negligent is the reason for wax burns, you can file a lawsuit against the beauty salon.

What is the procedure required if there is an injury from a salon procedure/accident?
  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Notify the salon owner or manager of the accident
  • Document the accident
  • Keep a record of all medical expenses
  • Contact an attorney
Can i sue my hairdresser for burning my scalp?

Yes, you can sue your hairdresser if his/her negligence reasons for your sufferings. However, proper evidence is necessary for a reasonable compensation.

Whatever may be the reason for your injuries, medical records plays a crucial role to act as an evidence for your lawsuits. Therefore, to make your medical records clear, join hands with the best medical record review company.

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