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3 important reasons why you need medical narrative summaries to win claims

by | May 22, 2024 | Medical Record Review

Medical narrative summaries play a pivotal role in winning the litigation. These are terse and crispy accounts of all the possible medical records of the patient about the causes and consequences of injuries. Most of the litigations have a huge number of medical records to be perused to detect the favorable points to take your lawsuit forward.

Medical summaries encompass the major facts in a clear and easily perusable format. These medical narrative reports give a panoramic view of the patient’s case summary in a compact form. They provide the reader with the essence of the case in an effective manner. They can even give new discoveries to the lawyer about the case. Let’s take a tour to know the prominent reasons to compose medical narrative summaries.

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A well-written summary saves time:

Going through the numerous pages of the medical records for reference or preparing the vital points favoring the litigation is a time-consuming and mammoth task. Attorneys would have to plan multiple strategies to win the lawsuits. Spending more time to review the medical records will obstruct their proceedings.

In-house or off-shore medical record analysts would review the multiple sets of records and summarize them to a precise and effective narrative summary in a breeze. Such patient narratives would be of great boon to the litigators in saving their precious time. They can make use of time efficiently in building their lawsuit.

Go through the legal medical summary example to know why you need narrative medical reports to win your litigation.

Medical Narrative Summary Example


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LDDS003 – Deposition Summary – Narrative Summary


The medical narrative summaries give the key factors in a nutshell:

  • Demographic data of the patient:

The patient’s personal information like gender, age, height, weight, etc., are provided for the easy identification of the patient. In med-legal claim suits, this becomes important to distinguish the various people involved.

  • The chronological flow of events:

Patients’ medical records are scrutinized thoroughly to recognize the vital information. All the events about the medical history of the patient are presented in a chronological sequence. Lawyers can easily grasp the points they needed while glancing at medical narrative summaries.

  • Vital facts about accidents:

The prominent factors, like the date, venue, and kind of the impact, the factor that led to the impact causing the injuries, and the facts about seat belts and the details of airbag deployment are noted precisely.

  • Crucial test findings:

The findings in the laboratory, X-ray, MRI, or other tests, which can sometimes alter the course of the litigations, will be perceived and drafted without fail in the summary.

  • The past and present medical condition of the patient:

Sometimes, the patient’s preexisting medical conditions become a turning point in the litigation. Therefore, significant pre-medical conditions of the patient will be recorded. Present medical conditions caused by the incident also will be noted in brief in medical narrative summaries.

  • Past and present treatment:

The treatment undergone by the patient in the past as well as the present with accurate dates is noted. The regularity or the lapse in the continuity of the treatment has an important role in the lawsuit. The visits to the different medical providers and the key findings or opinions and suggestions by them are also penned without fail.

  • Past and present medications taken by the patient:

The medications are taken by the patient in the past and present also need to be presented precisely. In wrong medication error cases, if the medicine taken by the patient in the past had caused the current situation also will be analyzed and noted.

The given personal injury narrative report sample will be a testament to its importance.

Narrative Summary Sample – Personal Injury


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LDNS001 – Narrative Summary – Personal Injury


Narrative summary is crucial throughout the litigation:

  • Tailored to the attorney’s needs:

A medical summary report is usually tailored according to the requirements of the lawyers. It is prepared either in Word or PDF format. If the attorney prefers to concentrate on the current injuries or the pre-existing but exacerbated injuries also will be crucial in preparing the narrative summary.

  • Additional medical reports summary can be incorporated easily later:

Since the medical narrative summaries are prepared chronologically, a summary of additional medical records or findings can be added in the appropriate places without much difficulty later.

  • For demand letter preparation:

A demand letter should consist of all the essential points. Going through the entire medical records to percolate the essentials will not be a piece of cake. A condensed patient narrative will aid the attorney to prepare the demand letter, which is authenticated enough to fortify the claim. Crispy medical narrative summaries will make the work easy.

  • To prepare the depositions:

The succinct medical narrative summaries will guide the attorney while preparing depositions, where he has to lead the deponent through the different events that occurred related to the litigation. The key findings in the records will abet the lawyer in preparing an effective questionnaire while executing cross-examinations.

  • To prepare for the trial:

As the laconic summary narrates the vital events, in a nutshell, the lawyer can easily identify the possibility of the claim. In some cases, he can elicit the possibility of medical malpractice or medical error, which led to the plaintiff’s current condition.

  • For law and motion practice:

The medical narrative summaries notify the prominent missing information vital for the suit. This will alert the lawyer in preparing motion practice to request an extended time for collating them before the case gains momentum. The patient’s case summaries can be inevitable to be presented to the jury to identify the validity of the request and convince him to grant additional time to the attorney.

The medical-legal narrative report sample on disability stands as proof of how a powerful medical narrative summary can be beneficial for your litigation.

Narrative Summary Sample – Disability Specific


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LDNS003 – Narrative Summary – Disability


Do you know how to write a medical narrative report?

Basically, a person writing a medical narrative report should keep in mind one thing- the purpose of a narrative summary.  A well-written narrative summary can be the base for either drafting demand letters or for deciding on the people to be deposed. The invaluable insights in medical narrative reports can enlight the attorneys with the key facts in a claim. It can also link the connections between the causation of injuries and the extensive treatment necessitated by the severity of injuries. Attorneys will find it easier to calculate the damages demanded in a claim. The significant details narrated in the report can even fortify personal injury or medical malpractice claims.

Final Thoughts

Medical narrative summary services have medical experts who concentrate on all the patient’s pre and post-accident medical histories, the vital facts about the accident, and the pre-existing conditions being aggravated by the accident. These facts are garlanded into a storytelling format to back up the attorney in the lawsuit.

The medical narrative summaries are prepared in the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) format. Since they capture the diagnosis, therapy details, and doctor consultations, the medical summaries help attorneys to scrutinize the facts in the voluminous medical records easily. They have an inevitable role throughout the litigation process not only to the attorney but also to the jury.

With the revolution of AI in medical record review inductry, many providers offer ai medical narrative summary services to enhance the efficiency of medical summary narratives in claims.


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