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Medical Record Solutions

medical record review by nurses

Medical Record Review

We provide well organized, user-friendly and cost-effective medical summaries to support personal injury attorneys, QMEs, IMEs and life insurance brokerages.


Medical Record Sorting

We do medical record sorting to rearrange the shuffled pages in medical records into the well-organized manner.


Medical Record Indexing

We do medical record indexing to understand the contents of a set of medical records before proceeding with the review.


Treatment Timeline

We provide treatment timelines with graphical representation to understand the events easily.


Special Reports/Add On Services

Our add-on line ups include Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, Med-A-Word, Missing Record Identification, Timelines, Medical Expense Reports, Pain and Suffering Chart, Pain Medication Chart and Medical Synopsis.



medical record review by nurses

Web Development

We utilize all the most recent and most settled innovation to make your website that is outwardly and inwardly engaging but completely practical and useful.

Website Designing

Our web designers are skilled professionals who are specialized in creating quality websites that may assist you to accomplish your company targets and goals over the web.

E-Commerce Development

We establish powerful eCommerce solutions stacked with front line features to empower you will accomplish your business requirements and objectives.

E-Commerce Product Listing

We offer e-Commerce product listing service to save your valued time that can be invested in your business growth in many other ways.

Website Re-Design

We redesign websites to modernize, modify and enhance something that already exists while remaining consistent with the underlying rules.

Web Hosting

We provide reliable and secured web hosting service and also have plans in all ranges that perfectly suits your needs.

Website Maintenance

We offer website maintenance services with periodic security check-ups, periodic updates and back-up. We will also update the contents from time to time to keep the audience updated.


medical record review by nurses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We create a custom SEO strategy to reinforce and upgrade your business online vicinity. Through our tested and proven SEO techniques and standards, we let you improve your online visibility in a minimal timeframe.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We create increased brand awareness, more inbound traffic, improved search engine rankings, higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, and more brand authority through social media marketing. 

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Our PPC management has made major positive impacts on our clients’ businesses and brands. This offers quick entry, the results are easy to measurable and track and this provides a wealth of useful data. 

Directory Submission

Our directory submissions will provide high-quality backlinks and these online web directories attract a lot of visitors each day. By listing your website in the popular directories, your website will get the required online exposure and online visibility.

Social Media Management

Our professional social media management will build a community of loyal and repeat customers, Increase influence over a larger audience, showcase trustworthiness & credibility, Get instant feedback on promotions, Improve your mobile search rankings and leading to more qualified leads. 

Revenue Cycle Management

medical record review by nurses

Eligibility & Benefit Verification

By performing insurance eligibility verification we help healthcare providers submit clean claims. Thus we avoid claim re-submission, reduce demographic and/or eligibility related denials and rejections, increase upfront collections; this will lead to improved patient satisfaction. 


Our Medical transcription services will minimize the number of errors and improve the accuracy of the information in medical records when compared to the use of voice recognition software alone.

Medical Coding

Our medical coding services will reduce and control operating costs and will minimize claim denials; thus you can better focus on health care.

Demographic & Charge Entry

Our accurate demographic data feeding in the charge entry process corroborate faster reimbursement and will lower down the claim denial rates. Our multiple layers of cross-audits and verification process will ensure the 100% accurate data in the demographic and charge entry before submitting claims. 

Payment Posting

Our accurate payment postings will help you to easily analyze your revenue cycle, strengthen the revenue cycle process and will reduce significant time in denial resolution.

AR Follow Up

Our team of experts will follow up all the pending claims, initiate collections, investigate claim denials, track receivable balance amounts, and also track down other payments dues. This will reduce the number of AR days and help in increasing cash flow. 


medical record review by nurses

Logo & Branding

Our professional logo and branding service will give better brand recognition, influence your customer in a professional way, showcase your personality, stand out in a crowd, and will build loyalty.

Print Design

Our print designs engage with your customers physically in the forms of images and text; we create a constant visual experience which solidifies the brand identity. We create unique designs of Business Cards, Letters heads, Brochures, Flyers, and all types of printables. 

Social Media Post

Our brand-oriented social media post designs create more brand recognition, builds brand awareness and attracting user’s attention.


Our attractive infographic designs are more eye-catching than texts; we blend pictures, colors, and content that naturally draw the eye and increase engagement.

Packaging Design

Our innovative, unique and creative packaging designs are eye-catching, informative, and reinforces the branding.

Web Graphic Design

We create good web graphic designs that would grab your viewers’ attention. This will make the first impressions on your website clickable. We design web banners, web graphics, icon sets, and infographics.


We design advertisement materials that would attract your current & potential customers; our designs will always standing out from the competition. Our advertisement designs will also do the mission which is driving more sales for your business.


medical record review by nurses

Upgrading Content Management System (CMS)

We regularly update WordPress core, your WordPress theme, and Your WordPress Plugins whenever stable updates available.

Updating Website Content

We update your website to keep you stay with current trends, make your website fresh to get a better SEO boost and to get you more business.

Website Hosting Management

We manage web hosting control panel with disc space allocating, business email setup and backup. We also help our customers install their CMS into the hosting account.

Website Backup & Restore

We help our customers with an online backup service that is being able to restore the website to a previous version in an instant. With quick website recovery and data restoration times it’ll be like the website as before without any damage. 

Website Audit

We do website audits to understand the measures to improve the efficiency and visibility of a website. Our website audit improves Google search ranking while increasing website traffic and performance.

Security Check-up

Our website security check-up protocols help our customers’ websites from malware attacks, DDoS attacks or any such online vulnerability. We monitor the website on a regular basis to spot out any security flaws.