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medical chart review for mass tort



Well-organized and tailored summaries.

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medical chart review for mass tort



Digest of the key points of deposition transcript.

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medical chart review for mass tort



Narrating the medical events from medical records.

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medical chart review for mass tort



Detailing with strongest arguments.

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How We Support Legal Professionals

Our expertise to match your requirements 

Experts in

Personal Injury

We help personal injury attorneys by summarizing voluminous medical records into their specified formats like Medical Chronology or Narrative Summary. Our end products are structured to reduce time and cost.

Experts In

Medical Malpractice

Our dedicated team of MDs & Legal Nurse Consultants are experts in reviewing Medical Charts for Medical Malpractice cases. We provide tailored solutions to fetch key elements from medical chart.

Experts In

Mass Tort

We are experts in Medical Record Review and case screening of Product liability cases like PPI’s, Transvaginal Mesh, Essure, Knee/Hip Implants, IVC Filter & Stents, etc. We deliver tailored outcomes to win your cases.

Experts In

Worker’s Compensation

LezDo techmed provides efficient medical record review solutions for Worker’s compensation cases and Disability Attorneys in presenting the relevant medical records as proof of their clients’ disability.

Our Add-on Services

medical record review for medical malpractice

Treatment Timeline

Get a graphical representation of a chronological sequence of medical events.

medical record review for medical malpractice


Get a bookmarked Medical Records to fetch the facts whenever you want.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Missing Record Identification

Worry not about missing medical records, we identify the missed ones for you.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Hotlinks or Hyperlinks

Navigate between the summary and Medical Records in just a click.

medical record review for medical malpractice

PDF Sorting or Indexing

No more confusion with shuffled pages, we are sorting and indexing your records.

medical record review for medical malpractice

Pain and Suffering Chart

Grab the interactive chart to best describe the pain, sufferings, and damages.

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Neurosurgery QME

Neurosurgery QME


“Your attention to detail is very much appreciated and is vital for these projects. This is the reason why we want to continue using your services.”

Injury Law Firm

Injury Law Firm

New York

“Joman & team are more efficient in completing the tasks and I would say they are just super-fast. Same time, they will not miss even a bit of info”

Life Insurance BGA

Life Insurance BGA


“Medical summaries and synopsis by LezDo techmed made our underwriting process very simple. We just reduced our cost to 40 percent.”

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