Wondering what a medical record review service is? And what is its role in claiming your personal injury settlement amount? No worries, we will have a detailed look into it in this blog.

The term “medical record review” is the study of the pre-recorded medical data of a specific patient for various reasons like claiming insurance or for other research purposes. We will be discussing only personal injury insurance claims in this blog. For personal injury, a firm that provides medical records review services or a law firm evaluates the patient’s medical record by reviewing, interpreting, and analyzing the facts in it.

Components of a medical record review report:

  • Identification Information
  • Details of Injury
  • EMS Report & Collision Report
  • Patient’s Medical History
  • Occupational History
  • Radiology Reports
  • Treatment History
  • Occupational/Physical therapy notes
  • Medical expenses incurred
  • Independent/Qualified Medical Examination Reports
  • Disabilities if any
  • Recommended future medical care and its cost

The steps to prepare a medical record review report:

The medical chart review is a long and tedious process executed by professionals in medical or legal background like Legal Nurse Consultants. It is executed in several steps and they are,

Collecting and arranging medical records:

This is the first step in reviewing the medical records. The respective firm has to collect all the medical records concerning the patient. The information regarding the treatments, tests, etc. is collected and arranged to make the work easier.

Finding out about misplaced records

Once we have collected all the data and arranged them, we have to look for all the misplaced records, if any. After finding and collecting all the misplaced records they are to be placed in order.

Making summarized written reports

As we have collected all the data, arranged them, and understood all the aspects that may lead to a future consequence, now we start writing a summary report with all the knowledge gathered and the data accumulated.

Making events chronology

Now, that we have written a summarized report, we list the events mentioned in the report in chronological order. This is done for a better understanding of the health report of the client.

Analyzing cost of present and future medical care

This step in the whole process has its own level of prominence. We understand and analyze the after effects of the injury and the treatments required for the patient in the future. Now, we include its importance in the review report. The addition of this data plays a vital role in the value of the claim.

Types of personal injuries that can be claimed:

We’ve been using the term “personal injury” several times, but what are the common injuries considered as personal injury to claim insurance? We’ll list some of the most common cases considered as personal injury cases.

Motor Vehicle Accident

In this fast-paced world, even with all safety measures and rules, motor vehicle accidents have been inevitable through these years. Studies say, there are six million car accidents every year in the U.S. on an average which sums up to 16,438 per day. If injured during a motor vehicle accident due to someone’s negligence, then you are entitled to monetary compensation.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is termed as the most complicated and dangerous of all the claims. This may be caused due to ignorance or negligence by any of the healthcare professionals, doctors, or nurses. This could include surgical mistakes, birth injuries, misdiagnosis, improper treatment, and pharmacy errors.

Slip and Fall Cases

The most common type of personal injury claims is Slip and Fall Cases. They can be highly dangerous at times, as they mostly hurt the neck, spine, head, legs, and, arms. The term “Slip and Fall Case” may feel painless but they sometimes lead to cases like brain injuries and hip fractures leading the clients to permanently be at bed rest for their whole life. In this case, monetary compensation is mandatory.

Work Place Accident

Workplace accidents are a common form of accident that leads to personal injury. This mostly happens due to some malfunctions in any of the equipment in the workplace or due to some hazardous materials or due to the carelessness of the worker. In this case, the individual can claim money for his or her treatment.

Product Liability

When a consumer buys a product and if it malfunctions and injures the consumer then the consumer can claim money from the manufacturer. But this is a complicated process hence, proper consultation with legal firms is necessary. The manufacturer will have listed the reasons for which the company is liable and not in the package.

Dog Bites

Dogs are the most favorite and friendly animals to human beings, yet dog bites have been an issue all over the world, millions of people get bitten by dogs every year. The personal injury claim laws differ from state to state but mostly the owner of the dog is liable to the injured person. But in some states, if the owner of the dog is not aware that his or her dog would attack then he is not liable. It is complex to know if the owner is aware or not which makes the claim a bit complicated.

Factors that determine the value of the personal injury claim:

As we have already discussed there are different types of personal injuries and also the value for these personal injuries varies depending on various factors. A good medical record review report has to discuss all these helping the client to acquire more money. The most important factors are,

  • The seriousness of the injury.
  • The required medical cost.
  • The treatments to be provided and the time for recovery.
  • The pain and mental trauma the patient has to undergo.
  • The future effects of the injury.
  • The Defendant’s liability.
  • The location and the reason for the accident.

Final Thoughts:

We are all prone to get injured by various factors in our day-to-day life increasing the need for all of us to be aware of personal injury claims and the role of medical record review reports in it. To claim a reasonable value for your personal injury, the first and foremost document the judge goes through is your medical records review report.

The clarity of your medical record review report regarding all the problems, medications, and future effects convinces the judge of the required value of your claim. So, always make sure your medical record review report is at its best.

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