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Vaccine Lawsuits- It is the Right Time to Answer Your Top 10 Queries

If someone files a petition and the National Vaccination Injury Compensation Program (VICP) determines they were harmed by a vaccine covered by VICP, they may be eligible for financial compensation. Petitioners may be compensated through a settlement even in circumstances where such a finding is not made. #vaccinelawsuits #vaccineinjurylawsuits #vaccineinjury

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Can I Have Both a Workers’ Compensation Claim and a Personal Injury Claim for the Same Accident?

Report your injury or illness as soon as you find out about or suspect that it was brought on by your job if it happened gradually. In order to minimize issues and hold ups in collecting workers’ compensation claim benefits, including medical care, report as soon as possible. #workerscompensationclaim #workerscompensationbenefits #workerscompensation

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